My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's WOYW? Wrdnesday


The week is flying by - today is Wednesday already and time for "What's On Your Workdesk?" If you are not familiar with this sharing - go to visit Julia's blog Stamping Ground to see what it's all about and leave your link to share a photo of what is happening on YOUR workdesk. 

I have been working on the Graphic 45 French Country recipe book for my friend Conni and will be giving it to her today. She was a french teacher at our high school and I hope that she enjoys these beautiful papers. I will share the photos tomorrow. You can see my box book that I posted yesterday -  in my new improvised setup for my photos. I am able to get better photos, but my camera is still giving me trouble. Conni now has a wedding planning business and her husband is the photographer and he has said that they have some extra lights I can use so I hope that helps. My space is so limited I am not sure where I would put them but if there is a way to condense even more I will find it! :<)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving - I am not sure yet what I am making for out dinner when Jim comes to visit - now that I no longer have a oven - but it will all work out. I get my new stove delivered on Friday and that will be great. I am thankful that I have food and a warm place to live and all the other good things in this time of hardship for so many. For those of you who celebrate - Happy Thanksgiving!


Barbara Diane

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My First Book Box with Graphic 45 Oz


My first box book - and of course I had to use some of my remaining Graphic 45 Oz papers! I was channel surfing Sunday night and hit on Channel 31 and there was the original Wizard of Oz movie with Judy Garland - and it was just beginning! My son Jim was visiting and I hurried out to the living room to tell him to hurry in as his favorite movie The Wizard of Oz was on! It was such fun to watch it again - I forget details like the wicked witch attempting to set the scarecrow on fire with a flaming broom. Jim's favorite scene is the wicked witch melting - he loves it. This trivia detail I didn't know - do you know the original color of Dorothy's shoes before the technicolor version of the movie? 

Here is my book - what fun this was to make! I first painted it black and then hours of cutting and pasting again - inside and out! All the inside images are fussy cut and layered on the background paper to give it a 3-D look. I am really happy with this first attempt and am now working on a second book with another of the new Graphic 45 papers - Mother Goose!

It is cold here in this part of WI - I guess the snow is not going away this time. Today I got good news and bad news. The good news is that I get a new stove in my apartment. The bad news is that I don't get it until Friday so no oven for the turkey dinner. I guess that isn't as bad as having the stove quit with the turkey in it - it was bad enough that on Sunday the baked potatoes were still almost raw after 1 1/2 hours and I had to put the meatloaf in the microwave to finish cooking it. I took the potatoes to the apartment manager yesterday as 'proof' and today the maintenance man was just here and the oven thermometer stayed at 100. So - a new stove! I have been wanting one for so many years now - it has been repaired 4 times now over the 10 years I have been here. It is one of the original stoves from like 1978! But now I need to rethink what we are having for our Thanksgiving dinner when Jim comes back to visit!

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Barbara Diane

Monday, November 25, 2013

I Keep Forgetting to Take Photos!


I keep forgetting to take photos of the cards I have made - mega stressful times here and I just realized I did not post all week again! I keep giving the cards away before I remember to take a photo. I made this card with remaining Graphic 45 paper that I had left after making my Oz photo/journal. I love fussy cutting and the images are so wonderful and fun to cut out. I cut out the words and the images, painted a little paper fence left over from my Halloween house and used a MS punch to make the grass. 

I did finish my first open book and will post photos tomorrow. I also finished a recipe book that I still need to take photos of. Hopefully I do not forget to do that before I give it to the person!

We had snow and then more snow lover night and this morning here in this part of WI - our first 'real' snowfall that was in inches. I had to go out to clean off the car this morning and wasn't ready to see that as I was not aware that it was going to snow. I am so not looking forward to another winter of cold and snow - I guess as I get older it gets harder to do this for many reasons. Wishing you a good day where you are.


Barbara Diane

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Graphic 45 'The Magic of Oz' Photo Journal


Finally - my photos of The Magic of Oz photo journal! I have been struggling with my camera and lighting for a week now - and I finally have photos I can share. I love Graphic 45 paper collections - they are so beautiful. The cost is higher but all of the papers are 2 sided and with so many images one can create so many projects from them. I started out with an Archiver's Graphic 45 kit so I could get the basic book, cardstock and instructions on how to put it together and I did follow their ideas to begin with, but then I took off on my own - and it was a wonderful, fun time! I had a great time making the halloween house and photo journal that I previously posted, but this was a whole different level! I have tried to put the photos in order that the page turning makes sense. It is a long post but I hope that you enjoy.seeing the finished project. I am now working on a book that opens to a 3-D scene - love it!

Here it is - many hours of fussy cutting (with each edge colored in black marker) and many character are multiple images pasted together to make it 3-D and lots of Stickles for added bling.

The above page opens to right.

The small page above then opens  to the left.

The small page to the left of the center then folds back in and the above page then folds back to the left over it - and the entire page folds to the left.

There is a little book behind the scarecrow that opens.

The scarecrow page then opens to the left.

There is a ribbon tab on upper right that pulls out the attached double fold page.

Then the wicked witch page folds in to the left and the pullout lies flat on top of it.

Then opens to see the other side.

Another little book is behind the ghost.

The page above folds out to the right.

And the small page above folds out to the left (and will be folded back in when the page is turned).

Small card can be removed.

The above page folds back in to the left.

Here are 4 pull-out tabs - each is 2-sided. You can see them sticking out in the photo above. One side may have open space for a photo or writing and/or one of the fun ads in the paper collection.

Well, that's it - my Oz creation. I hope that you liked it! It was very time consuming and took a long time - but the photos are what took me so long to get it posted! I hope I have that problems solved now! Wishing you a great weekend!


Barbara Diane

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Morning Sun and Fall Card for Verda


Have been rearranging my work area and also finally have a new backdrop for taking photos (on the left) so hope to finish up my Oz photo journal today. I have to re-take some that are so dark. My camera is not working properly and I hope the new set up works.

Bright sun this morning and a Fall card for my friend Verda - who brings me red anise hard candy and a hug every week without fail. She has poor eyesight and loves leaves and sparkle so I put them all together for her card. I apologize for the photo being so dark - hope to fix that problem soon. Space is so limited and lighting is a problem. You can see one of  my new projects - a book that opens - on my work desk. I have painted it black and hope to start to create it today. I also have my new doll pattern cut out and waiting.

Well, the sunshine is lovely - I have appointments today so am relieved no more winter weather for the moment. I know that it is coming but it is supposed to be sunshine and warmer temperatures for the next few days here in this part of WI. Wishing you a good one!


Barbara Diane