My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Antique Halloween Card


When sitting in a clinic waiting room waiting to go in for my labs and EKG yesterday, I was paging through a magazine and a photo of a very old Halloween card caught my eye. Way back then, cards were made very differently then they are now. It brought back memories. :<)

Here is my version of this antique card - with a little tutorial of how I made it.

First, I free hand drew a half pumpkin face on a folded piece of computer paper - with the fold going through the middle of the pumpkin's face.

Traced it on a folded piece of cardstock and cut it out.

Then I unfolded and opened the cut out pumpkin and cut the face in half.

Glued it on yellow cardstock and cut it out - again. :<)

I used an orange marker to outline the features and also to line around the inside of the cutouts. Then I added some lines to the pumpkin with the same marker.

I then made the card out of black cardstock, folding it in a tri-fold. I closed the card and glued the two halves of the pumpkin face to the two halves of the card front - meeting in the center.

Inside the card I added another cutout pumpkin - minus the yellow backing - and created a party invitation with a header and cutouts.

This is the first creation. I later removed one of the "Come to my Party" headlines.

Here is another version of the pumpkin face with an added eye insert - it changes the look.

The same change made on the inside pumpkin face and only one "Come to my Party" headline.

Thank you for stopping by!

I hope that you enjoyed this 'antique' Halloween card made by this 'antique' card maker. :<)

Barbara Diane


Primitive Seasons said...

Wonderful pumpkin Barbara! You're a true artist. I wish I could draw freehand like that. What many talents you have!


megsmome said...