My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Owl Mania


Owl mania is here - they are everywhere on cards and projects - in particular the cute little guys made using the SU owl punch. With Halloween coming up fast, they are to be found wearing every costume one can think of! This is my first Owl Card - hope you like it. I have an idea for my door this season and will post more later. :<)

While checking out the Internet for samples on blogs and videos, I began to notice the many, many, many 'custom made' sayings that are used with the owl images. So I started to make a list and being the pefectionist that I am - with a tendency to be obsessive - I was determined to find them all. Sometimes the saying will be the inspiration for the creation!

So here in alphabetical order is my list - the result of hours of searching and I know there are still more out there! (I'll find them!)



A Hooty Birthday Card
Another Year Owl-der

Be My Owlentine
Birds Of A Feather Hoot Together
Birthday Hooray
Birthday Who-Ray!
Boo To You!
Boo Who?

Congratulations On Your New Little Nite Owl

Fabulous Is Who You Are!
Feeling Owly?
For Owl You Do
From Owl Of Us

Get Well Soo-Hoon
Guess Who?
Guess Hoot Heart You?
Guess Whooooo?

Halloween Is A Hoot!
Hang In There
Hanging With My Peeps
Happy Bird Day!
Happy Hoo-lidays
Happy Hoot To You!
Happy Owl-oween
Happy Owl-O-Ween
Have A Hoot Of A Day
Have A Hoot This Holiday
Having A Fine Owl’d Time
Holiday Greetings From Santa Claws
Holiday Hooters
Home Tweet Home
Hoo Loves You?
Hoo Loves You Baby
Hoo – Ray!
Hoo There!
Hooliday Wishes
Hoo’s Birthday Is It?
Hoo’s Ready For Christmas?
Hoo’s The Teenager?
Hoo’s There?
Hoo’s Your Daddy?
Hoopy Holidays
Hoopy Birthday
Hoot and Holler – You’re A Scholar!
Hoot For You
Hoot Hoot!
Hoot – Hoot – Hooray!
Hoot, Hoot, Hooray
Hoot If You’re Cute!
Hoot ‘n Holler
Hootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy
Hooting For You Always
Hoots Afraid Of Halloween!
Hooty Birthday
Hooty Halloween
Hope It’s A Hoot!
Hope Your Birthday Is A Hoot!
Hope Your Day Is A Hoot
Hope Your Halloween Is A Hoot!
Howling At The Moon
Howloween Cuties
Howly Jowly Owl

I Give A Hoot!
I Had A Owling Good Time
It’s Who You Are

Knock Knock – Whoo’s There?
Let’s Hang Out
Look Who’s Happy!
Look Who’s Here!
Look Who’s 50
Look Who’s Turning 50!
Love Owl-ways
Love You With All My Hoot!
Love You With Owl My Hoot

May Owl Your Dreams Come True
My Wise Friend

Night Owls

Out On A Limb
Owl Aboard
Owl Always Be Here If You Need Me
Owl Always Be There
Owl Always Be Your Friend
Owl Always Rememer
Owl Always Have You
Owl Always Love You
Owl Are You?
Owl Are Yoooo?
Owl Be Back
Owl Be Home
Owl Be Missing You
Owl Be Seeing You
Owl Be There 4 U
Owl Be There Too
Owl Be Thinking Of You
Owl Be Watching You!
Owl Be Wishing You
Owl Be Your Friend
Owl Be Yours
Owl Cut It Out If You Will
Owl Exciting!
Owl For One
Owl For You
Owl Good
Owl House To Yours
Owl Is Bright
Owl’s It Going?
Owl Love You Forever
Owl Owlways Be Your Friend
Owl’righty Then
Owl Remember
Owl See You At The Beach!
Owl Together For Christmas
Owl Together Now
Owl They Cute?
Owl You Doing?
Owld Friend
Owlways And Forever
Owlways In My Heart

Pirates Of The Owl-A-Bee-An

Reading’s A Hoot

So Proud of You-hoooo!
So Tweet
Something From Owl Of Us
Sorry I’ve Been Owly Lately
Such A Hoot

Thank Who!
Thank Who? You!
Thanks For Owl You Do
Thanks For Owlways Being There!
Thinking of Hoo
This Is Who I Am
Trick Or Tweet

U R A Hoot

Warm Hooliday Wishes
What A Hoot!
What’s The Word Bird
Who Luvs You?
Who Misses You?
Who – Me?
Who Will Be Mine?
WhoWho’s Birthday?
Who’s 16?
Who’s Got A Birthday?
Whoo me?
Whoo Loves Owls?
Whoo’s Afraid Of Halloween!
Whoo’s Been Good?
Whoo’s Birthday Is It?
Whoo’s Cookin’
Whoo’s Graduated!
Whoo’s Special?
Whoo’s Thinking About You
Whooo’s At Your Door?
Whoooo Loves You?
Whoooo’s Retiring?
Whooooose Birthday?
Wise Owl Told Me
Wiser, Not Older
Wishing Owl Good Things

You Old Bird
Yoo Hoo!
You Hoo!
You’re A Hoot
You’re Owl Old?

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wishing you some fun with creating an owl on something. Owl they cute? What a Hoot! (Hey that rhymes!) :<)

Barbara Diane

Wicked Witch of the West


I love this Witch of the West digital image by Mo Manning. I enjoy coloring with markers and the colors of Halloween are such fun to use! They make a witch seem not so 'witchy'. :<) Again, I used Stickles on some areas - you can see more clearly if you click on the photo to enlarge.

Thanks for stopping by today!

It is a beautiful sunny and warm day here today! Wishing you a sunny day!

Barbara Diane

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hiding In The Pumpkin Patch


Remember the little guy carrying his pumpkin? Here he is again - this time hiding in among the pumpkins - with leaves falling everywhere. Another of Mo Manning's wonderful images - love her creations!

The leaves are made from colored CS with a paper punch and then I drew on the lines.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Hope your day is sunny where ever you are!

Barbara Diane

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Fun Card!


I think this is one of my most favorite cards that I have made! I saw a finished sample in our local Archiver's store and just had to purchase the hat and the witches shoes stamps! They are both by Northwoods Rubber Stamps and I love them! :<)

The coloring with markers was great fun - I love the Halloween colors! I used Stickles on different areas of the image and if you click on the photos to enlarge them, you can see the detail. Love this card!

Two versions. On one a little different coloring and I added the dark blue marker around the word "Ghouls"(a Craft Smart stamp) in the second one and I liked this the best.

Thanks for stopping by today!

I must have made 7 attempts at this posting! The new editing program drives me nuts so I went back to the old one until it's no longer available. With this one I can at least post without having a stroke first thing in the morning! :<)

Wishing you a great Monday! Sunshine here in this part of WI today! With our summer of rain we are now having lots of beautiful reds and oranges in our fall colors! Beautiful!

Barbara Diane

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Halloween Card


Wishing you a great weekend!

The stamps and CS are from Stampin' Up.

See you on Monday!

Barbara Diane

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Almost forgot to post the September page of my calendar! The month is going by so fast!

Thanks for stopping by today!

We have thunder storms building here in this part of WI - hope they aren't too severe!

Wishing you a good Thursday!

Barbara Diane

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Dollhouse Studio - The Couch Area, The Miscellaneous Miniatures and The End Of The Inventory!


Today's post is the last of the inventory in the Dollhouse Studio. It has taken a long time and many posts but it is finally finished! Thank you to all who sent such lovely comments and e-mails about my dollhouse and the miniatures inside! I am sure that you may have wondered if this would ever end, but it has! :<)

So here is the last big item - the couch. I made the quilt - it is tiny cross-stitch and took some time to make as it is solid stitches and the tan on white was very hard for me to see! The beautiful floor lamps is wired for electricity and has a small bulb. My large Victorian dollhouse (I will have to post photos of that house some day - it had a 20 years collection of miniatures inside) that was in my shop was wired for electricity and when all of the lights were on it was beautiful!

Here are some miscellaneous miniatures that I still have from the shop: some candy canes, children's books, calendars, white wax candles (yes, they have wicks), some magazines with Mickey Mouse featured, some tiny nails and tacks, hooks and a dresser drawer handle, some fruit (green apples, pears, plums, peaches and grapes), a tiny hand-painted tree ornament (some day I will post photos of my miniature Christmas tree display with all of the great presents and toys and characters) and a box of popsicles. The popsicles will go in the Studio Dollhouse refrigerator and some of the other items will be put in the studio also.)

So, through the magic of computers - here is the Studio Dollhouse from empty to full, with everything and everyone safely in place once again.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Tomorrow it's back to paper crafts and a Halloween card. :<)

Barbara Diane

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Dollhouse Studio - The Children At Home

This is the second post today - please scroll down to the previous post to see the children!

Hello again!

I am still not comfortable with this new editing program so I was so concentrating so hard on getting the photos posted that I forgot the final photo when two of the children were retrurned to the studio! The sister and the youngest brother come back tomorrow when the couch area is returned and the inventory is complete. See you then!

The Dollhouse Studio - The Children

The inventory continues. Begins on 9/2/10 post.


There are only children who live in the Dollhouse Studio - no parents - an older sister and three boys. I have three sons and they all had white blonde hair when they were young and these three boys do also. I also was a blonde and the oldest in my immediate family as well as of all of the cousins - so I guess the elder sister is me. :<)

The dolls are all made in Germany and the sister doll is almost as old as I am and I will be 70 in November. She is a little worn but has been through a lot of years and many moves. Her face, hands and shoes are plastic with painted features on the face. The boys all have cloth bodies and painted features and their hands are not as detailed.

We raised English Springers when they were young so of course each of the older boys has a dog. The oldest brother has the mother dog - Duchess - and the middle boy has one of her pups - Sweetsie.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope that you enjoyed my dollhouse family! :<)

More on the couch and it's area tomorrow - along with some miscellaneous miniatures and then we are done with the Dollhouse Studio inventory and back to some Halloween cards!

Barbara Diane

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Dollhouse Studio - The Toys

I had to add to this post so today there are TWO posts - please read down to see all photos.

The inventory continues. Begins on 9/2/10 post.


The toys that sit on the floor under the bay window in the dollhouse studio are many. Also in this photo are the floor mat and newspapers that sit on the floor by the table and chairs.

The toys include a small dollhouse, a dollhouse kit in a gift wrapped box, a pink bag of supplies that contains a roll of carpet, a roll of wallpaper and floorboard strips for decorating the dollhouse kit, a teddy bear in it's box, a yellow bag of purchases from a toy store, two bolts of material with a yardstick that has the inch marks, a puzzle and a Shirley Temple set of paper dolls.

Thanks for stopping by today!

This is a new editing program and I have no idea how to make this do what I want! At least I was able to load the photos and descriptions but I have re-done this and deleted it all four times now and have been working on this one post for almost two hours! Good thing I have insomnia and work during the night many times to get them ready to publish!

Wishing you a great weekend!

Barbara Diane

The Toys Back In The Dollhouse Studio Plus Missing Photos

I forgot to add the photo of the toys back in the dollhouse studio and could not face re-doing the post again!

Plus I forgot for some reason to take the individual photos of the welcome mat - which is made of black rubber with grooves and a WELCOME on it, the two newspapers  - shown here front and back and the bag of purchases from the toy store. So here they all are in a second post of their own! Everything is 1/12 scale - 1 inch/1 foot.

Wishing you well!

Barbara Diane

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Dollhouse Studio - The Table & Chairs

The inventory continues. Begins on 9/2/10 post.


The table and chairs are special to me as they have a history of where I lived when I purchased them. The ladder back chairs with arms have woven seats and the top of the table is oak and it has two small drawers in the front.

The drawers hold the silver set of knives, forks and spoons for four and the sharp handcrafted knife that has a serrated edge and really can cut. I keep it in the drawer instead of in the pottery container on the butcher block table with the other kitchen utencils for reasons of safety. :<)

Many of my favorite miniatures sit on the table and the two chairs - the realism of which just makes me smile everytime I look at them and especially when I hold them and see their very tiny size. They include . . . .

a small coffee pot with cup and saucer, a set of keys, a key with it's holder, a metal sewing canister filled with sewing supplies, a small glass vase . . . .

a very tiny set of glass salt and pepper shakers, a holder of many spools of thread, a completed embroider piece with the embroidery hoop and skeins of embroidery thread, a wooden sewing box filled with more sewing supplies . . . .

a beautiful little handcrafted wooden breadbox with copper front, a pair of reading glasses, a small Post-it notes and one of the pencils from the art studio in the balcony - that has lead and one can really write with it.

The top of the coffee pot can be removed and the cup is separate from the saucer. I did have a complete set of these dishes but they went with the Victorian dollhouse that I sold.

Most of the wooden handcrafted items are signed and dated. Such beautiful work and they all look as new now as they did when they were first made.

So here are the sewing items all together. There is even a teddy bear pattern that holds a real tissue paper pattern for the teddy bear. Love it!

A friend emroidered the sweet Welcome Home that was originally going to be made into a wall hanging but because I had the thread and the hoop I thought to leave it unfinished to be displayed with them.

The sewing tin hold so many sewing supplies - a scissors, two different size spools of thread, a tape measure, a cardboard square of buttons, a package of hem binding, some loose buttons.

The thread holder is very old - an antique actually - and it holds many colored spools of thread. On top is the pin cushion with a few pins and the holder is on a turntable and it can be turned.

The wooden sewing box holds cardboard wrapped with ribbon and also various size colored buttons, a pair of black scissors, a metal gold crane sewing scissors, spools of thread and two spools of ribbon.

In addition there is also the black metal table sewing machine with a ladies dress pattern - that was left off of the previous photos for some reason.

I also forgot to take a close up photo of the tiny bear made by my artist friend Todd - it is fully jointed and the head, arms and legs all move and of the little clown doll that is handmade with the little circle puffs all sewn individually and strung together. Love these two sweet toys! (I also put a flower in the glass vase before returning this to the dollhouse studio.)

The dollhouse studio is filling up! The toys that sit on the floor are next, then the couch area, then the children.

Thanks for stopping by today!

It is really cool and rainy here in this part of WI - quite a difference from the past week! The leaves are starting to turn - beginnings of gold and orange and red - Fall is on the way!

I have been working on some Halloween cards and getting in the mood. Christmas cards also. It seems with people now decorating their homes and yards for Halloween as they do during the Christmas season, it seems like Thanksgiving has become an all but forgotten holiday.

You take care. I am thankful for your lovely e-mails and comments! So nice to hear from you!

Barbara Diane