My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Dollhouse Studio - The Corner Hutch

The inventory continues. Begins on 9/2/10 post.


The corner hutch with 'glass' windows in the upper doors sits across from the refrigerator in the dollhouse studio - on the opposite end of the bay window.

I somehow forgot to take a photo of the empty hutch with all of the miniatures in front of it so will have to start with the end photo of a filled hutch! Oh well. It is a beautiful piece and holds many of my small collectibles.

This gold horse was made for me by the person who built the dollhouse studio for me and it was sitting on the inside wall shelf when the dollhouse was delivered to my shop. I don't quite remember what it was to represent - I think some kind of an award, but my memory fails me. A beautiful little horse, it is special to me because he made it. :<)

In and on the hutch are many things. We start with a tiny cup of sculpted rosebuds, another little Easter basket with rabbit and colored eggs and a funny little sculpted pig in a teacup. Love his rosey cheeks and suprised expression!

A very tiny duck sits on a bed of grass with eggs, a chocolate rabbit, a Kewpie doll and a little Christmas gingerbread house with a peppermint candy roof. (By now I guess you know that Christmas, followed by Easter, are my favorite holidays to collect.) :<)

A set of bluebird china - two plates, two glasses. So pretty!

A copper pitcher brought back for me by a friend from a vacation in Mexico.

Next there is a small boy, a Christmas tree decorated with little Santa heads and bows, 3 teeny candy canes, a collector plate from Christmas 1995 in a plate holder given to me on a special Christmas and two very small Santa candles - which are real candles and have wicks. I love realism in detail!

This gives you an idea of the small scale - amazing isn't it? If you look at the photo of the pieces side by side you can see that the little boy is about the size of the candy canes and the candles are not much taller and only slightly larger around.

So - here is the corner hutch with everything back inside and on top, ready to be returned to the corner of the dollhouse studio.

Two pieces returned and many yet to go! Tomorrow the kitchen area butcher block table with all of the miniatures that I have managed to fit on it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Yesterday was a perfect weather day here in this part of WI! The leaves are starting to turn!

Wishing you a creative day! Today I am going to try to get to everyone's blog today to visit and see what all you are creating! I am so behind on my visits and I love to spend time checking all of the wonderful cards and projects that everyone has been working on!

Barbara Diane


Rhonda Miller said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe how tiny these pieces are and how detailed. TFS.

duendes said...

รจ wonderful to come here
I love this lovely blog.Thursday optimal for you Barbara.

paola said...

Love your blog!! will be coming back for sure. I couldnt find an email link for you as i wanted to let you know that i have loaded a template onto my blog for my dbl display card.

Nati said...

I loved these miniatures, especially this mobile,the corner Hutch!!

Michelle said...

Oh My, Barbara, these minitures are incredible. Thank you so much for sharing these images.
Michelle :-)

Dawn B. said...

You must have a really fun house.. I love all these tiny sweet things.. Thanks for always sharing. Our leaves here in NC are changing too..I love fall

PAKY said...

Thank you for your comment, I saw your blog, you have beautiful miniatures... I will follow your blog to see more... regards

duendes said...

Sweet friend Barbara, yours comments are very important to us, for me and the Duendes. We are so happy for you to appreciate your visits and we love to visit your blog.
Yes I sell my creations, if you want to contact me for any information, without commitment, I am at your disposal.

Sandra Shimizu said...

Hi Barbara, your creations are absolutely adorable.