My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Dollhouse Studio - The Kitchen Sink

The inventory continues. Begins on 9/2/10 post.


This great free standing kitchen sink was made in Germany and is a favorite. It has two little faucets and as the sink has only the two legs, it needs to be attached to the wall. I was going to make a gathered "sink skirt" to go around it - to hide what is stored under it - but somehow that was forgotten and I think I will still make one now out of a tiny printed cotton.

As the dollhouse studio has only one main room, all of the areas need to be very organized and self contained - as is this kitchen sink and laundry items.

To start, a small wooden stool, a scale, a woven basket - sitting on a rug knit for me by a friend.

The box of Tide laundry soap, a clothes line and clothes pins - which can be removed individually and used to hang a cloth on the line. Here you see the front of the box of soap . . .

and here is the back with the instructions. I have moved one of the clothes pins off to the side so you can see that they are individual and are slid over the paper.

I love the dish drainer! Love it! It is metal and has the little individual cup racks off to each side - and inside are the raised ridges where the plates can be lined up. The copper pot is hand crafted, the little soap dish has two bars of soap and I have added an orange juicer and six oranges.

Put them all together and add the broom - which I forgot - and there you have it!

Into the dollhouse studio it goes and another piece is in place! :<)

Thanks for stopping by today!

We are having perfect early Fall weather here in this part of WI. I love it!

Tomorrow one of my more unique pieces - a folding twin size bed!

Wishing you a good Monday!

Barbara Diane


paola said...

I am just falling in love with all your miniatures, i made a few teeny tiny things about a year ago but what you have is the real deal, the things i have made are made out of paper. There is a shadow bos that i made with a clock and few dining room items on my blog, but cant remember the label if you care to have a peek, email me will find it and send you the link.

Zwergenwelt said...

Hi Barbara,
I thank you so very much for your birthday greetings to me!! It was very nice to hear from you! So I visit your blog and see that you also like dolls, bears and little things for dollhouses- how wonderful they are! so cute!
Please excuse my bad english, but I hope you understand me!!
So I am reading your posts and wish you an fine day!
With a hug, cornelia

tmorrow said...

talk about are so much more busier than I will ever be. I love all your dolls and wished we lived closer to each other I would love to meet you in person and watch you create your beautiful people. Thanks for following my blog, and leaving such wonderful compliments. I love your blog too.

Helen said...

Everything is just so cute! Even the Tide detergent!

PAKY said...

I like all! So beautiful miniatures, congratulations!

Mari@ said...

Wonderful miniatures Barbara. Especially I like the scale and the box of laundry soap. Everthing is nicely and perfect for your scene. Baci :o)