My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The New Bed for The Princess


The Princess had been waiting a long time for her bed, patiently sitting on top of all of her mattresses, wondering "What will it be like!" Each day her old bed became a little more wobbly and started to lean a bit too much to the right as one leg bent a bit. "Oh, when will my new bed arrive?"she wondered, this is getting a bit scary up here!"

And finally the day arrived! Her new bed was here! Jimbo was in his glory - all those many boxes to explore and investigate! 

After trial and error, this was his favorite.

We moved it to the living room - what fun!

So while Jimbo played with his box, Jim got to work painting the new bed. The Princess wanted it to be the same color as the old bed - Apple Green - so that it would match the colors in her mattresses and afghan/pillow set. You can see the poor old bed on the couch - it was a good bed but not sturdy enough as it was made from fiber board. Now she had a new wooden bed that could hold all the weight of the bedding plus The Princess!

The new bed was finished.

When it was painted, the dust ruffle back on, the bedding again on the bed, it was beautiful! The Princess was so happy!

The last to be put in place were her lovely crowns that my very talented brother had created for her. Here is her beautiful Formal Crown that she wears for royal occasions , , , , ,

And her wonderful Informal Crown which she proudly wears every day.

Doesn't she look so special now, sitting on her new bed?

After much cooler weather for a few days, we again have a sunny and warm day today here in this part of WI. We have our yearly Good Neighbor Fest here in Middleton, WI this weekend and with rain in the forecast for tomorrow and Saturday I hope that it is only brief showers. Sunday is to be sunny and nice so hope for the best. Rain or no rain there is always a good time with the festival in the park, the craft tents, music and food, the carnival. If you live near us, be sure to check it out!



Monday, August 24, 2015

Exciting News For the Princess and The Pea


Why does Jimbo have a new resting place inside an empty box? 

Why is The Princess and The Pea doll sitting on the shelf
and not on her bed? 

Why is all of her bedding sitting in the studio area?

Where did all of these many wonderful boxes come from?

The Princess has a NEW BED - that's why! 

My brother, bless his heart, has built a new WOODEN bed for The Princess to replace the fiber board bed that I had made for her - which was very flimsy. The new bed was delivered all packed securely in the many boxes and Jimbo was in heaven.

So that is why Jimbo was having great fun with his new toys and then Jim was having great fun painting the bed for me! Here he is taking a lunch break to regain his strength. :<)

Come back again to see the newly built and painted bed for The Princess and The Pea doll and how wonderful it all looks! There was also two beautiful surprises in the box with the bed - will have photos to share! My brother is one fantastic artist!

Wishing you a happy day! We are happy here! :<)



Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Sunny Day Together


Some of my favorite Mo Manning images spending time together to make a door hanging for my apartment door. I love to group images and these three seemed to be a natural. You can find them all - Oskar, Mummu and Mutt - at Just look for "Introducing Oskar", "Mummu's Laundry" and "Lazy Mutt" to start to create you own fun!

All the images were colored with markers, then cut out and popped up/layered onto the background paper - Mummu with the laundry, the basket and grass, then Oskar, then Mutt, then the laundry on Mutt's back. All layered to give a 3-D effect.

We have another sunny and cool day today in this part of WI - a beautiful Sunday to be outdoors. If I had a yard and clothesline, this is what I would be doing! :<) I hope that you have a good day wherever you are.


Barbara Diane

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Garden Lady


One of the women where I live recently lost her cat after a long illness. I know how much my Jimvo means to me so I wanted to send her a 'thinking of you' card. She loves to garden so I picked this "A Day For Daisies" image for her card. It is one of the older Daisies images that I have, but I love the simplicity of the design and it is perfect for fussy cutting. I printed the image on different patterned papers to cut out and paste on to the image. The face, hands and watering can are colored with markers. Go to find this sweet image called "Grown With Love".

We have a beautiful sunny and much cooler day here in this part of WI today! It is so nice to have the heat and humidity gone for now! I know that soon the snow will be here and I will wish again for sunny, hot days but for now I love the coming of Fall weather!

Wishing you a happy Saturday!


Barbara Diane