My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's WOYW? Wednesday and Prudence Is Finished!


Today is Wednesday, and that means it's time for "What's On Your Workdesk?" That's the day of the week that we all go to the Stamping Ground blog at to share what project(s) we are working on and we also get to visit many other bloggers to see what they have on their workdesks. I have finally finished my Prudence doll and she is very happy!

Those of you who follow my blog know that I have been working on a Pilgrim doll called Prudence in a class by Mo Manning (the doll based on one of Mo's wonderful digital images) for quite some time now and was waiting for the lesson on her clothes and hair to finish her. Poor Prudence had been waiting on the shelf for far too long so I decided to go ahead and complete the doll. Prudence is sculpted from PaperClay - which is an air drying clay - and although the clothing was to be made from cloth I decided to sculpt it all in the PaperClay.

I have used this medium in the past to sculpt dolls but had not used it for a long time, and most of these dolls also had cloth clothing, so it was going to be interesting to see how creating the clothing in the PaperClay would turn out. It was fun to take it in stages, adding the clothing layers as the previous one dried and then painting the pieces after they were completed. In the class Prudence originally was holding an apple behind her back, but in the digital image of Prudence she is shown carrying a basket behind her so I also changed that to her carrying lots of apples in a basket.

Prudence is happy, I am happy and I do hope you enjoy seeing the finished doll.

"I'm so happy!"

Thank you for visiting my blog today! After many days of weather in the high 50's and sunshine every day so we felt like Spring was here - we had 6 inched of snow! It is to be back in the higher temperatures again by this weekend and with rain in the forecast the snow should all be gone again. I have to say that going out to clean off  my car that morning and shovel a path next to it was very depressing - but I should be used to it. It is Wisconsin!

Wishing you a good day wherever you are and lots of sunshine. Be sure to take some time today to go to the Stamping Ground blog at to share what you are up to this week and visit some bloggers for inspiration and fun!


Barbara Diane

Friday, March 13, 2015

Valerie With Snowman


Today's card is the third in the series of Valerie playing in the snow - digital images by Mo Manning. I posted the first two previously on my blog - the first one where she is waving was all in red for Valentine's Day and the second one where she is walking her little dog in deep snow was all in green for St. Patrick's Day. This third image is called "Valerie With Snowman" and I think she is the cutest little girl with such a sweet smile. 

I had to give her and her snowman some glitter 'snow' of course and used Stickes for this. Go to to find this set of three images and have fun coloring this sweet little girl having fun in the snow.

Thank you for visiting my blog today! We are to have temperatures in the 60's today in this part of Wisconsin! I know it won't last but it is so wonderful and Spring is not so far away now. Wishing you a happy day today!


Barbara Diane

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's WOYW? Wednesday and Labor Intensive Birthday Cards


Time for What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday - if you don't know what this is, go to the Stamping Ground blog at to see what everyone is working on today and where they sit/stand to do their creating! I have my finished birthday cards that I made for the monthly birthday party that is held at the apartments where I live. I have volunteered to make these every month -  but after making these cards, any future ones will be much labor intensive!

Because of all the steps, my blog today is also very photo intensive I'm afraid. But here goes - how I made the 11 birthday cards.
To begin - the card fronts (each has been run through the Big Shot in a basket weave pattern embossing folder to give it texture and the cards and the fronts have all been edged with a marker),.The punched pieces were made using the Owl Builder, oval and circle punches from SU and a leaf punch and the SU marker pens were used to color the outside edges of all the punched pieces (all from SU cardstock). Yes, I color all outside edges with a matching or darker marker because I don't like the white edges. :<)

The owls have their edges outlined and get their feet.- which are also outlined.

I outlined the edges of their clothing. The little hearts in the upper left are for the beaks - outlined.

Add the clothes and the beaks.

Outline and then glue the eye pieces.

Eyes are assembled.

Eyes added to the owls.

Punch from scalloped circle and then cut in half for the wings. Outline edges

Add the wings to the owls.

Hearts outlined to make the bows on the girl owl heads.

Make hats for the boy owls. Outline.

Girls have their bows, boys have their hats. The upper left larger hearts are for the balloons.

Use tape double sided tape and attach the owls to the card fronts.

Color all outside edges of leaves.

For real.

Attach the leaves under the feet of the owl, add 3 of the large hearts for each balloon and add covered wire "string" from owl to balloon. Bend wing over wire and glue.

More hearts to color edges for the inside greeting.

This goes on the left inside of the card.

Blank white card stock in upper right is for inside on the left.

I print, cut and outline, then paste this Irish blessing to a green cardstock that is also edged.

Needs something more.

Stamp Happy Birthday and punch out with oval punch. Color edges.

Cut out two green ovals for each saying and glue to back to form a frame. Color edges.

Then I decide to add more branches to balance out the card front.

This means color more edges. For real. :<

Ready for final assembly.

Adding the extra branches.and the greeting.

Decide to add Stickles to the clothes, hats, bows and balloons. Didn't think I would forget glitter did you? Has to be some bling on a birthday card!

Here they all are - all 11 birthday cards, drying on my workdesk.

For the guys.

For the gals.

Thank you for visiting my blog today! If you managed to get through all of these photos to the end of my post - I say thank you again! For those of you who wrote that you looked forward to seeing the finished card, I hope that you enjoyed.

We have wonderful weather here in this part of WI this week! It is in the high 50's and supposedly we will even hit 60 before it starts to get colder again.Spring is coming and I am so happy! Wishing you a happy day today!


Barbara Diane

Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Door Poster


I just finished my new apartment door poster - but once again, forgot to photograph it BEFORE I hung it on the door and double knotted the ribbon that hangs it! So the photos are a little dark but here they are - I guess I can call it a cloudy day. :<)

I used Sassy Cheryl digital images to create the scene and I will name the ones I used by the individual photos. I love making scenes - I can fussy cut, reverse and/or reduce images, use only parts of images and add Stickles where ever I want! This poster has Stickles added to each image for 'snow' and to the border on the dots to give that added sparkle and each figure has thick double sided tape added to the back to give it dimension. The trees are flat,as they are printed on the background, but I have added Stickles to them also to give a bit of depth to them.

I was just standing out in the hall in my stocking feet in front of the apartment door taking the photos and a neighbor walked by in the hallway and her response was great! So I guess this is another fun one to give smiles until the next idea pops in my head - most likely it will be an Easter/Spring one! 

The two 'kids' are two separate images that I reversed and reduced in size, colored and fussy cut.

This bigger guy is "The Saucer Snowman".

This little one is "The Sledding Snowman".

The birds are one image taken from the "Love Is Having Open Arms " image and I duplicated and reversed the image, then colored and fussy cut.

The skating sweethearts are "Double Skating" and colored/fussy cut.

And finally, this dreamy guy is "Birdie Chit Chat" and colored/fussy cut. Oh, I almost forgot! The two little birds on the ground and the one on his head are from "Hanging With Friends". 

After it was all put together, I added additional lines with a black pen, used a marker to shadow all of the snow and added the Stickles. Put it up to dry and hung it on my apartment door. 

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I hope that you have a great weekend! I will post the photos of the birthday cards next week. I took so many photos - have to edit them down, but wanted to show the process as much of the work involved is unknown to most people receiving them. 


Barbara Diane