My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, March 13, 2015

Valerie With Snowman


Today's card is the third in the series of Valerie playing in the snow - digital images by Mo Manning. I posted the first two previously on my blog - the first one where she is waving was all in red for Valentine's Day and the second one where she is walking her little dog in deep snow was all in green for St. Patrick's Day. This third image is called "Valerie With Snowman" and I think she is the cutest little girl with such a sweet smile. 

I had to give her and her snowman some glitter 'snow' of course and used Stickes for this. Go to to find this set of three images and have fun coloring this sweet little girl having fun in the snow.

Thank you for visiting my blog today! We are to have temperatures in the 60's today in this part of Wisconsin! I know it won't last but it is so wonderful and Spring is not so far away now. Wishing you a happy day today!


Barbara Diane


debby4000 said...

Love your fabulous card.

Maya Smith said...

Valerie is lovely! I love all three cards!

Greetings, Maya S. | Carpet Cleaners Chislehurst