My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Most Wonderful Easter Gift!


I received the most wonderful Easter gift today! My brother Dick is a Peeps nut and he made me this great card in his favorite image. :<) The card from Dick and my sister-in-law Bonnie says "and not a Peep out of you" and it accompanied a most wonderful gift - not only because of the items themselves - but because it was a gift of love. Time and patience and willingness to help your old sister = love. Plus an original artwork card with a clever verse! That's what makes this the most wonderful Easter gift! :<)

I have been working with miniatures for the past few months - since November, actually, now that I think of it. Anyway, after I made a dollhouse and furniture to give to a little girl at Christmas, I had the bug again to make something else and this time for myself. I used to have a shop that specialized in miniatures, dolls and teddy bears and it was the love of my life. I was surrounded by the three things I loved most and meeting people every day who loved them also. I had continued in dollmaking but had not had much to do with the miniatures - my first love - for many years. After making the Christmas dollhouse I knew that I had to have them in my life again.

Two of the projects I have been working on are a Dollhouse/Toy Shop and a Quilt/Fabric Shop. I had asked my brother if he could assemble some tiny furniture for the dollhouse shop as even with my good lights and magnifying glass, my eyesight now was not good enough to do this myself without the possibility of damaging one of the pieces. And these are very tiny pieces - as the furniture is to fit in the dollhouses that I made for the dollhouse shop which is a miniature itself - and that is tiny! He said he would try and I mailed him the tiny set of pieces with hope that he could do this. God Bless him, he did do this for me and he sent them in this beautiful little box.

You can see how small this table and chairs set is! Aren't they wonderful! I love them! Thank you Dick - they turned out perfect and will be the highlight of the shop! 

Do you think you could help out with more sets? :<)

We had snow here in this part of WI - not a lot, but enough to remind us that we live in Wisconsin and winter here is not over until it's over - no matter if Spring is officially here! :<) This morning Jimbo wasn't quite sure if this was a good thing or not. :<)

Wishing you all a great day!



Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Card For Jim


It has been a long time since my last post. A difficult time and no motivation to create and when I have made something, I forgot to take photos. I recently made this card for my son Jim - he wanted a card about Jimbo (our cat who lives with me) and as Jimbo is pretty much the King around here I thought this image was fun. :<)

Our "King" loves the warm laundry just out of the dryer - he jumps up on the bed where I fold the clothes as soon as he sees me bring back the baskets from the laundry room - and when he finds a comfortable spot I just leave him and fold these later. :<)

It has been wonderful early Spring weather here in this part of WI - Tuesday it was 68 degrees! I know this being Wisconsin that we have had blizzards in April, but the unpredictable way the weather is now and never knowing what each year will bring, I am enjoying the warm weather and the open windows with fresh air! The flowers are starting to come up all over and I hope that they are not too early!

Wishing you a happy day!