My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Owl-o-Ween!!!!!!!


The door into the old oak tree had opened - the excitement grew! Who would come to give the little owls their treats - and what would those treats be! The little owls, all dressed up in their Owl-O-Ween costumes, had been arriving in Owl Forest all month - now the wait was almost over!

And then someone stepped into the doorway - it was the Wise Twin Owls mother Nana - with a bowl of treats for the little owls. Lovely sparkly Owl-O-Ween green suckers - a favorite in the Owl Forest! One for each of the little owls! A happy "Hoot Hoot Horray!" was heard from all directions! The waiting was over - they were all so happy!

Each little owl was given a sucker and they put them in their little pumpkin treat bags. The party was now about to begin! Such happiness!

Everyone had a treat! The scary grocery bag, the ballerina, the ghost, the pumpkin, the cowboy, the wizard, the Pilgrim turkey, the cupcake, the pirate, the vampire . . . .

the hula girl, the Christmas tree, the clown, the 1950's starlet, the Mardi Gras butterfly, the candy corn, the Rudolph, the Dracula, the mummy, the bee, and the green M & M.

The Owl-O-Ween poster of 2010.

It started with the large oak tree home of the Wise Twin Owls and the grass, pathway, moon with witch and two bats - on a background of silver stars in a black sky. Two extensions were added onto the original poster - one on each side - about half way through the month, including two more tree trunks with the spooky eyes of the creatures living in them.

Over the month's time were added the two Wise Twin Owls, three more owls on the card above the poster - Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil, a sign on the tree, a door, twenty-one little owls in costume and the Wise Twin Owl's mother owl whom they all called Nana. Twenty seven owls - twenty-two different costumes (including Nana's) - twenty one little pumpkin treat bags - a bowl for the treats and twenty-eight individual suckers.

What a fun month this has been! I hope that you enjoyed taking this trip with me! :<)

Thanks for stopping by today to see the grand finale of the little owls trick 'n treating at the home of the Wise Owl Twins on Owl-O-Ween Eve in Owl Forest! :<)

It has been great fun to create all of these costumes for the little owls. For those of you who asked, I drew patterns and then cut them free hand as the ideas came to me. Thank you to all of you who followed this little story as it unfolded and who wrote such kind comments and e-mails! I loved hearing from you and along with my friends here stopping by each day to check out who had arrived in Owl Forest during the night, to hear from you helped keep me motivated! :<)

I hope your evening was fun! Happy Owl-O-Ween from all of us! :<)

Barbara Diane

Friday, October 29, 2010

A 1950's Starlet Owl Arrives, The Door Opens and The Big Night Is Almost Here


Today the last little owl in costume arrives in Owl Forest to trick 'n treat. A cute little 1950's starlet in all her bling - required sunglasses and large hat to hide her identity.

The Owl Forest is full of costumed little owls waiting for their treats!

The Wise Owl Twins have been keeping watch as they come into the Owl Forest one by one, greeting each little owl and making sure that all is well and everyone is safe.

And the door opens . . .

Thanks for stopping by today!

Tonight is the big night in Owl Forest! :<)

Barbara Diane

More Halloween Cards, A Treat Bag and The Grocery Bag Monster Owl Appears in Owl Forest


Some of the last Halloween cards and a funny Halloween frog on a treat bag to share today.

Love this cute image! Something certainly went wrong with this spell! :<)

The Grocery Bag Monster is here! Ohhhhh he's so scary! This little owl helped his mom make his costume and he is very proud of the angry eyebrows and big scary teeth that he drew all by himself!

It seems that the door to the Wise Owl Twins home is slowly opening! The owls are all a-twitter! Trick 'n treat time is near! Could it be that someone else lives in this big oak tree with the twins? The little owls aren't telling! The excitement builds!

Thanks for stopping by today!

We have beautiful sunshine and blue sky today in this part of WI - yeahhhh!

I will be posting on Saturday and Sunday because of the Owl-O-Ween celebration in Owl Forest. Hope to see you then!

Take time for yourself today!

Barbara Diane

Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Halloween Cards and A Pink Cupcake Owl


I have many cards to make as I give them with treat bags to my friends here in the apartment building where I live, as well as those I send, so here are some variations of this one . . . .

and another using a great Halloween DP with a border of white dots.

And a cute little pink cupcake owl joins us today in the Owl Forest. All fluffy and pink and so excited that it is almost time for treats! The day draws near!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wishing you a creative Thursday!

Barbara Diane

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cards Using Halloween DP and a LIttle Pilgrim Turkey Owl Joins His Friends In Owl Forest


I have been creating Halloween treats to take to Hannah's House - the group home where Jim lives - for the wonderful staff and the men and women who live there with Jim and are his family. I made the candy corn treat bags for staff and the small treat bags and baskets are for Jim and his friends.

I wanted to make cards for the guys and the gals to go with their treats and because I needed to make 8 of them I wanted them to be simple yet colorful and fun. I had some Halloween DP that I thought might work and this is what I came up with.

This is the card for the guys . . . .

and this is the card for the gals . . . .

And today we have a little Pilgrim turkey owl come into the Owl Forest. There are 17 little friends already waiting there for the big night, plus of course the Wise Owl Twins - whose home they are gathering at for trick 'n treats on Owl-O-Ween Eve. It's getting closer!

You can click on the photos to see these little guys up close :<)

Thanks for stopping by today!

We are still having very strong winds again today and cloudy, much colder weather!

Wishing you sunshine!

Barbara Diane

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Treat Baskets and a Green M & M Owl Arrives to Trick 'N Treat


These little treat baskets were quick and easy and fun to make. I made two versions of a pumpkin put and one of each on opposite sides.

Today's little owl has a M & M costume - the green one. Did you know that the green one is the only girl M&M? She says things like "I melt for no one" and flirts with all the guys. :<)

Thanks for stopping by today!

We are having strange weather here in this part of WI. Last night I was very surprised to see a torndo watch until 6:00 am this morning on my TV when I checked the weather before going to bed. Extreme high winds were also forecast for today. This morning we still have a tornado watch and the very high winds. I guess our lovely Indian Summer is truly over.

Wishing you good weather wherever you are!

Barbara Diane

The Halloween Treat Bags Are Finished and A Mardi Gras Owl Arrives In Owl Forest


This weekend I was working on finishing the treat bags I had started - as I had to make 8 of each these two versions - and create some new ones. Thought you might like to see the photos.

And our latest little owl to arrive in the Owl Forest is a Mardi Gras owl - so pretty in her colorful and sparkly costume! She chose a butterfly as the image she wanted to be.

Only a few more days to Owl-O-Ween Eve! The little owls are so excited!

Thanks for stopping by today!

We have had lots of rain here in this part of WI - free car wash! :<)

Wishing you a happy Monday!

Barbara Diane

Friday, October 22, 2010

An Owl Wizard Treat Bag Topper and A Little Wizard Owl Arrives in Owl Forest


I created this Wise Owl Wizard topper for some of the treat bags I have to make this year. I have made two versions. Here is a younger version without a beard . . .

and the ancient with a beard. Your choice which one you prefer. :<)

And the new little owl to arrive in the Owl Forest today is also a wizard! The magic is beginning!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Have you noticed the Witch Joke-Of-The-Day at the top of the right column? :<)

Barbara Diane