My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Treat Baskets and a Green M & M Owl Arrives to Trick 'N Treat


These little treat baskets were quick and easy and fun to make. I made two versions of a pumpkin put and one of each on opposite sides.

Today's little owl has a M & M costume - the green one. Did you know that the green one is the only girl M&M? She says things like "I melt for no one" and flirts with all the guys. :<)

Thanks for stopping by today!

We are having strange weather here in this part of WI. Last night I was very surprised to see a torndo watch until 6:00 am this morning on my TV when I checked the weather before going to bed. Extreme high winds were also forecast for today. This morning we still have a tornado watch and the very high winds. I guess our lovely Indian Summer is truly over.

Wishing you good weather wherever you are!

Barbara Diane


Dawn Burnworth said...

These are all wonderful Barbara. I love the M & M.. one of my favorite candies.. Your creations are always wonderful.. Stay safe. I saw that WI and IL were getting severe weather on the news. Scary for this time of year.

Rhonda Miller said...

What cute little baskets. Those will be so fun for Halloween. I love the green M&M owl. TFS.

Michelle said...

Hi Barbara

What gorgeous little treat baskets. Halloween must be so much fun!
Your little M&M costume is terrific.
Stay safe, the Tornado warning must be a worry. We have been told to expect a big Cyclone season this year which starts next week.

Michelle :-)

Helen said...

Hello Barbara,
What a cute pumpkin to go with an adorable basket! Look at all those yummy treats! Love the green M&M, too.

Zwergenwelt said...

Hello Barbara,
now there are only 4 days for halloween and you are well prepared for it!!I can see wonderful little baskets with sweets.. what a surprise for the little ghosts which are ringing at your door!
It must be wonderful!
Have a very good time, with a hug, cornelia