My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Door Poster


I just finished my new apartment door poster - but once again, forgot to photograph it BEFORE I hung it on the door and double knotted the ribbon that hangs it! So the photos are a little dark but here they are - I guess I can call it a cloudy day. :<)

I used Sassy Cheryl digital images to create the scene and I will name the ones I used by the individual photos. I love making scenes - I can fussy cut, reverse and/or reduce images, use only parts of images and add Stickles where ever I want! This poster has Stickles added to each image for 'snow' and to the border on the dots to give that added sparkle and each figure has thick double sided tape added to the back to give it dimension. The trees are flat,as they are printed on the background, but I have added Stickles to them also to give a bit of depth to them.

I was just standing out in the hall in my stocking feet in front of the apartment door taking the photos and a neighbor walked by in the hallway and her response was great! So I guess this is another fun one to give smiles until the next idea pops in my head - most likely it will be an Easter/Spring one! 

The two 'kids' are two separate images that I reversed and reduced in size, colored and fussy cut.

This bigger guy is "The Saucer Snowman".

This little one is "The Sledding Snowman".

The birds are one image taken from the "Love Is Having Open Arms " image and I duplicated and reversed the image, then colored and fussy cut.

The skating sweethearts are "Double Skating" and colored/fussy cut.

And finally, this dreamy guy is "Birdie Chit Chat" and colored/fussy cut. Oh, I almost forgot! The two little birds on the ground and the one on his head are from "Hanging With Friends". 

After it was all put together, I added additional lines with a black pen, used a marker to shadow all of the snow and added the Stickles. Put it up to dry and hung it on my apartment door. 

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I hope that you have a great weekend! I will post the photos of the birthday cards next week. I took so many photos - have to edit them down, but wanted to show the process as much of the work involved is unknown to most people receiving them. 


Barbara Diane


Krisha said...

That is a lot of fussy cutting, but it turned out fantastic. The touch of sparkle here and there really add to it. Great job!!

Mrs A. said...

I bet your neighbours in the apartment block just can't wait to see what door hangers you come up with next, This is such a fun one. Hugs Mrs A.

Rhonda Miller said...

What a fun poster. I'll bet your neighbors just love to walk past your door.