My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Caught Up In Major Home Projects


I have been rearranging and sorting my studio area - for days now! My apartment is so small that to move anything I have to move something else and everything has to be empitied first and a place found to put it and it can become insanity very quickly and absolute chaos if not worked at bit by bit and with great planning before it is begun. I always know almost exactly what will go where and I have developed a skill of 'knowing' what will fit in what space as I go.

My oldest son Jim was here for the weekend as we had a local celebration and was a great help moving bookcases, etc. which I otherwise do myself because I live alone. We also put together a new table for me with the help of a friend and it is so much nicer as it is smaller in size and gives me more room. I also re-organized everything and eliminated things and it is lovely now! After 4 days that task is now completed except for a few supplies to be sorted - but it was a major undertaking. I do this overhaul every so often as I constantly try to get it even more efficient and organized as I also have my sewing table and supplies in the studio area which is half of my living room - it's a trip what I have in there! :<) You should have seen the 3 of us putting the table together in a space just big enough between the couch and some drawer units in the studio area for it to fit! I will be posting photos.

Then I decided to take everything out of my dollhouse and clean it and all of the pieces in it and take a photo of each miniature to document them as I think I would like to sell it - everything all together - building and miniatures. I had a shop at one time - with artist made dolls, teddy bears and miniatures. It was called The Puppen Haus (the doll house) and it was very beautiful. I will try to post photos of my photographs of it one day. In the shop everything was custom made and I had at that time a 3 story Victorian dollhouse with a wrap around porch that my middle son Troy had built for me on display in the shop with my own 20 years miniature collection inside. It had a custom made display case and I had landscaped a yard with a fence, etc. It is now on display in the historical museum here in the city where I live.

But I still have this smaller dollhouse that was built for me when I had the shop. It is my idea of a dream studio - and all of the miniatures in it have special meaning to me. I will post photos of it and all of the minatures as I clean them and then return them to the studio. It is taking a very long time to do this as it is very time consuming - and I seem to have as much stuff in the dollhouse studio as in my real life living room/sewing room/studio! So I thought I would post the photos as I go along - as with all of the rearranging and many appointments, etc. this past two weeks, I have had no time to create cards! Here is a sneak preview.

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Wishing you a good evening!

Barbara Diane

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