My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Dollhouse Studio - The Table & Chairs

The inventory continues. Begins on 9/2/10 post.


The table and chairs are special to me as they have a history of where I lived when I purchased them. The ladder back chairs with arms have woven seats and the top of the table is oak and it has two small drawers in the front.

The drawers hold the silver set of knives, forks and spoons for four and the sharp handcrafted knife that has a serrated edge and really can cut. I keep it in the drawer instead of in the pottery container on the butcher block table with the other kitchen utencils for reasons of safety. :<)

Many of my favorite miniatures sit on the table and the two chairs - the realism of which just makes me smile everytime I look at them and especially when I hold them and see their very tiny size. They include . . . .

a small coffee pot with cup and saucer, a set of keys, a key with it's holder, a metal sewing canister filled with sewing supplies, a small glass vase . . . .

a very tiny set of glass salt and pepper shakers, a holder of many spools of thread, a completed embroider piece with the embroidery hoop and skeins of embroidery thread, a wooden sewing box filled with more sewing supplies . . . .

a beautiful little handcrafted wooden breadbox with copper front, a pair of reading glasses, a small Post-it notes and one of the pencils from the art studio in the balcony - that has lead and one can really write with it.

The top of the coffee pot can be removed and the cup is separate from the saucer. I did have a complete set of these dishes but they went with the Victorian dollhouse that I sold.

Most of the wooden handcrafted items are signed and dated. Such beautiful work and they all look as new now as they did when they were first made.

So here are the sewing items all together. There is even a teddy bear pattern that holds a real tissue paper pattern for the teddy bear. Love it!

A friend emroidered the sweet Welcome Home that was originally going to be made into a wall hanging but because I had the thread and the hoop I thought to leave it unfinished to be displayed with them.

The sewing tin hold so many sewing supplies - a scissors, two different size spools of thread, a tape measure, a cardboard square of buttons, a package of hem binding, some loose buttons.

The thread holder is very old - an antique actually - and it holds many colored spools of thread. On top is the pin cushion with a few pins and the holder is on a turntable and it can be turned.

The wooden sewing box holds cardboard wrapped with ribbon and also various size colored buttons, a pair of black scissors, a metal gold crane sewing scissors, spools of thread and two spools of ribbon.

In addition there is also the black metal table sewing machine with a ladies dress pattern - that was left off of the previous photos for some reason.

I also forgot to take a close up photo of the tiny bear made by my artist friend Todd - it is fully jointed and the head, arms and legs all move and of the little clown doll that is handmade with the little circle puffs all sewn individually and strung together. Love these two sweet toys! (I also put a flower in the glass vase before returning this to the dollhouse studio.)

The dollhouse studio is filling up! The toys that sit on the floor are next, then the couch area, then the children.

Thanks for stopping by today!

It is really cool and rainy here in this part of WI - quite a difference from the past week! The leaves are starting to turn - beginnings of gold and orange and red - Fall is on the way!

I have been working on some Halloween cards and getting in the mood. Christmas cards also. It seems with people now decorating their homes and yards for Halloween as they do during the Christmas season, it seems like Thanksgiving has become an all but forgotten holiday.

You take care. I am thankful for your lovely e-mails and comments! So nice to hear from you!

Barbara Diane


Zwergenwelt said...

hi Barbara,
thanks so much for your friendly words to me!
Your small items are so cute, I like these sewing items so much, so nice, so cute, so pretty, what a beautiful dollhouse!!
all this little things were wnderful for my felt dolls to play with! ;o))))
Have a nice day and with a hug, cornelia

Carol said...

Barbara this is totally delightful. I could sit for hours to look at all that intricate detail. This sure is a fun collectible. I just love it!!!

Bear Hugs,
Carol :O}

paola said...

I am totally gobsmacked by the teeny tiny little sewing box, all of these little things are positively delightful, must cost a mint, but what a pleasure collecting it all, hope you dont plan on selling such a stunning piece with all the little goodies, who could afford it?