My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Dollhouse Studio - Miniatures In The Bay Window & On The Shelf Under The Skylight

The inventory continues. Begins on 9/2/10 post.


There are many miniatures that sit in the bay window and on the shelf under the skylight. Some of them are gifts brought back to me by friends from vacations and visits and others I collected.

Sitting in the bay window are my three miniature Hummel collectibles - one is signed, a baby photo stand with copper baby shoes, a very tiny little girl and her teddy bear, an even smaller lamb and pots of hand sculpted polymer flowers.

On the shelf under the skylight are a small doll, a paper bird ornament, a candy covered Christmas tree, my wonderful chess set in a velvet box that is custom designed to hold them, a china canister set, another tiny doll, a seashell, a metal Buddah and an old style table radio.

Isn't this scale amazing? Each piece is individually carved!

With everything returned to the bay window and the shelf under the skylight it is starting to look like someone lives in the dollhouse studio - next is the table and chairs area.

Thanks for stopping by today!

It is another perfect early fall day here today in this part of WI - hope that wherever you live that you are having nice weather also!

Barbara Diane

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Helen said...

Hi Barbara,
You had some amazing miniatures collection. They are so precious! I enjoy looking at them.