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My Whimcees

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Dollhouse Studio - Outside Miniatures


I hope that you are enjoying this long holiday weekend!

Well, I have finally finished the cleaning and replacing of all of the miniatures in the dollhouse studio! It took me many days and I have saved over 150 photos and I know that I took probably close to 500 - with all the editing and discarding. So many little pieces in that one house! :<)

Today I start with the outside miniatures. First, the wheelbarrow and flowers. I love this piece and it is one of my favorites - beautifully carved and handcrafted to scale and perfection. The flowers are also all artist made.

The tiny bird sitting in the corner of the wheelbarrow is also hand carved by the same artist.

All of the flowers in the clay pots are artist made and sculpted in the polymer clays and the blooms in the center box are all cut from paper.

Next there is the wonderful ladder which one needs to fill the bird feeder! :<) The little shelf does fold up and the hinge closes when the ladder is folded up to be put away.

The beautiful hanging plant is also artist made and sculpted from polymer clay.

Sitting on top of the ladder is a box of bird seed (tiny seeds inside), a bag of birdseed (filled with more tiny seeds) and a bird magazine.

The garden tools and the toolbox are my absolute favorites next to the wheelbarrow. They are all handcrafted and carved by the same artist and perfect in detail and size. Made of wood and metal they are awesomely realistic.

The toolbox is beautiful in itself and then there are all of the fantastic tools - from the tiny nails that really can be used and the little oil cans to the wonderful large saw (the blades on both of the saws actually cut) - I love them!

And one must have a garden hose and hanger! :<)

So here they are in place once again on the outside of the studio.

The small birdfeeder was once filled with birdseed and over the years has become emptied. I guess the birds ate them all and it is time to refill! :<) The sweet little birdhouse was carved by the same artist who made the wheelbarrow and garden tools.

Everything in place and ready to garden. :<)

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wishing you a good day! Tomorrow I will begin on the indoors miniatures as they are all replaced back in the studio.

Barbara Diane


Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, look how small this all is. They look so great. TFS.

Helen said...

These are absolutely precious, Barbara! Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

Hi Barbara,
Sorry it has been so long but summer is always such a busy time around here. I just love your mini's. So much fun! Hope you have a great week

duendes said...

ohh that gem all so lovely, like you own Barbara.big kiss

xosparklesxo said...

Wow, that is fantastic stuff. What detail in those pieces. My mother enjoys minatures as well. Someday I will learn to create with polymer clay - hopefully before this Christmas as I want to make a polymer clay gingerbread house for my mother in law. Thanks for sharing this!

Mari@ said...

I like this magic world and the miniature world is really "Magic". Your collection is fabulous and the flowers are very beautiful. Kisses