My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Dollhouse Studio - The Artist Balcony

The inventory continues. Begins on 9/2/10 post.


On the top of my dollhouse studio is the artist balcony. There is no roof on this balcony so that all of the pieces can be on display. The plan was to add a 'glass' roof but this never was completed - so I just imagine that it is there. Sunshine all around but no rain can get it! :<) The perfect spot for an artist studio - private and away from all disruption.

The drawing table - which does slant at different angles, the stool - the seat does swivel, the table - the door opens and supplies can be stored inside, the T-square and ruler and . . . .

the little Kleenex box has tissue, the masking tape can unroll, the rulers have markings and the tiny pencils in the metal mug have lead and one can write with them. There is a bag from the bookstore and one from the art supply store.

The pencil next to the portrait drawing book shows how very tiny they are. I love the miniatures that are so realistic! :<)

One also needs a comfy chair to lounge in when getting inspiration before creating! And a boom box for soothing music and something to read - and something to snack on - and a cuddly blanket if the weather becomes a bit cool. :<) Another friend knit this lovely blanket for me.

Also there is a clothes rack that I could not resist as the detail is so lovely - made by the same artist as the garden tools, etc. and so I needed a small basket of clothes and the small kitten to keep one company.

I love the floor lamp - it is wired and has a light bulb so it can be used in a dollhouse that is wired for electricity. The large Victorian house that I had on display in my shop was wired and it was magical when all the lights were turned on in the house! :<)

One of my most cherished miniatures is this tiny shopping bag brought back for me from New Orleans by a friend who vacationed there during the celebration. It was from a local shop by the name of The Black Butterfly and it holds a photo album and tiny real photos.

The front of the bag and the photo album open to show how the photos are pasted in. I keep most of mine separate although there are enough pages in the album for all of the photos.

The back of the bag.

I took these to give you an idea of the scale of these miniatures. The photos are so amazing to see them when they are so small! :<)

So the artist studio miniatures are replaced in the balcony of the dollhouse studio. The first to be returned. Tomorrow I start to replace the miniatures back to the main room of the studio. I start with the refrigerator! :<)

Thanks for stopping by today!

We have lots of wind here in this part of WI - in fact a wind advisory was just put out until 7:00 pm with possiblity of winds over 40 miles per hour. Some sunshine but very chilly! It is now only 63 degrees at 10:00 am and the low tonight will be only 47! What a weather change!

Wishing you a happy day!

Barbara Diane


Gaby said...

This studio is so amazing. I love all the details you think of.

Absolutely wonderful.

Have a nice day.

Helen said...

Amazing collections you got! I thought the photos were regular size. They are so cute!

xosparklesxo said...

Wow, just amazing!

Mari@ said...

Veramente bellissime Barbara!! Una collezione speciale e unica. Un caro abbraccio