My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Dollhouse Studio - The Butcher Block Table

The inventory continues. Begins on 9/2/10 post.


Who would think that one small butcher block table could hold so many things! Well, when space is limited - one gets very organized and specific in what one chooses to have in that space. When I had to sell my large 3-story Victorian and lost it and the 20+ years collection inside it, I wanted to have as many of my favorite things in my dollhouse studio that I could.

So here is the butcher block table and all of the miniatures that sit on it!

A set of hand thrown pottery bowls like my mother had, a Betty Crocker cookbook, a blue glass bowl with tiny green apples, a bunch of bananas, a pear, a peach, a bunch of purple grapes . . . .

a box of oatmeal, a roll of real paper towels and a set of hand crocheted potholders with hanging loops - another gift from a friend.

Then there are the kitchen utencils - again, some of my favorite things because of the realism in detail. A potato peeler, two wooden mixing spoons, a spatula, a wonderful hand crafted sieve and a rolling pin. Everything one needs in the kitchen.

And they all fit in this little pottery jar.

Isn't this amazing in it's detail! That is wood and metal.

The real paper towels can be pulled off the roll in sheets. Look how small the roll is!

A tiny towel to wipe one's hands.

And of course, without room for a stove, I had to have a microwave to cook the food! :<)

So here they are, all the miniatures returned to where they belong on the butcher's block table. One has to be very organized!

And here the butcher block table is returned to the kitchen area of the dollhouse studio. Three in place now. On Monday I have photos of the sink - yes there are even things in the kitchen sink!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! It is a nice sunny day here in this part of WI - although it is a bit cool - and a friend is taking me to lunch today so I am looking forward to that! :<)

Barbara Diane


Love crafts forever said...

OMG! That is adorable. Everething look so reale. Hugs, Nataliya.

Victoria said...

Hi Barbara,
Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm very happy that we've found each other! You have such an amazing blog, it'll be fun to browse through all the entries.
I'll be back soon!

Kim Cantrell said...

Love your miniatures Barbara Diane! I have always loved a decorated miniature house. When I was growing up, a friend of the family had a 3 story Victorian that I would look at for hours with details much like yours! I appreciate the detail that craftsmen put into making minis so realistic! :) Someday when I get a few minutes I'll have to take a pic of a plate of cookies I made out of Fimo when I was a girl! I keep a few miniature items I've collected over the years in a printer's tray my Dad restored and gave to me. My boys love to look at it! Thanks for sharing!
Hope you had a great time lunching with your friend!
Kim C.

duendes said...

hello Barbara,absolutely wonderful.I loved allthe details.kisses

Anonymous said...

oh wow Barbara Diane! totally amazing! So fun to come here!
Pam Going Postal

Michelle said...

Absolutely incredible!!

Michelle :-)