My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Owl Mania


Owl mania is here - they are everywhere on cards and projects - in particular the cute little guys made using the SU owl punch. With Halloween coming up fast, they are to be found wearing every costume one can think of! This is my first Owl Card - hope you like it. I have an idea for my door this season and will post more later. :<)

While checking out the Internet for samples on blogs and videos, I began to notice the many, many, many 'custom made' sayings that are used with the owl images. So I started to make a list and being the pefectionist that I am - with a tendency to be obsessive - I was determined to find them all. Sometimes the saying will be the inspiration for the creation!

So here in alphabetical order is my list - the result of hours of searching and I know there are still more out there! (I'll find them!)



A Hooty Birthday Card
Another Year Owl-der

Be My Owlentine
Birds Of A Feather Hoot Together
Birthday Hooray
Birthday Who-Ray!
Boo To You!
Boo Who?

Congratulations On Your New Little Nite Owl

Fabulous Is Who You Are!
Feeling Owly?
For Owl You Do
From Owl Of Us

Get Well Soo-Hoon
Guess Who?
Guess Hoot Heart You?
Guess Whooooo?

Halloween Is A Hoot!
Hang In There
Hanging With My Peeps
Happy Bird Day!
Happy Hoo-lidays
Happy Hoot To You!
Happy Owl-oween
Happy Owl-O-Ween
Have A Hoot Of A Day
Have A Hoot This Holiday
Having A Fine Owl’d Time
Holiday Greetings From Santa Claws
Holiday Hooters
Home Tweet Home
Hoo Loves You?
Hoo Loves You Baby
Hoo – Ray!
Hoo There!
Hooliday Wishes
Hoo’s Birthday Is It?
Hoo’s Ready For Christmas?
Hoo’s The Teenager?
Hoo’s There?
Hoo’s Your Daddy?
Hoopy Holidays
Hoopy Birthday
Hoot and Holler – You’re A Scholar!
Hoot For You
Hoot Hoot!
Hoot – Hoot – Hooray!
Hoot, Hoot, Hooray
Hoot If You’re Cute!
Hoot ‘n Holler
Hootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy
Hooting For You Always
Hoots Afraid Of Halloween!
Hooty Birthday
Hooty Halloween
Hope It’s A Hoot!
Hope Your Birthday Is A Hoot!
Hope Your Day Is A Hoot
Hope Your Halloween Is A Hoot!
Howling At The Moon
Howloween Cuties
Howly Jowly Owl

I Give A Hoot!
I Had A Owling Good Time
It’s Who You Are

Knock Knock – Whoo’s There?
Let’s Hang Out
Look Who’s Happy!
Look Who’s Here!
Look Who’s 50
Look Who’s Turning 50!
Love Owl-ways
Love You With All My Hoot!
Love You With Owl My Hoot

May Owl Your Dreams Come True
My Wise Friend

Night Owls

Out On A Limb
Owl Aboard
Owl Always Be Here If You Need Me
Owl Always Be There
Owl Always Be Your Friend
Owl Always Rememer
Owl Always Have You
Owl Always Love You
Owl Are You?
Owl Are Yoooo?
Owl Be Back
Owl Be Home
Owl Be Missing You
Owl Be Seeing You
Owl Be There 4 U
Owl Be There Too
Owl Be Thinking Of You
Owl Be Watching You!
Owl Be Wishing You
Owl Be Your Friend
Owl Be Yours
Owl Cut It Out If You Will
Owl Exciting!
Owl For One
Owl For You
Owl Good
Owl House To Yours
Owl Is Bright
Owl’s It Going?
Owl Love You Forever
Owl Owlways Be Your Friend
Owl’righty Then
Owl Remember
Owl See You At The Beach!
Owl Together For Christmas
Owl Together Now
Owl They Cute?
Owl You Doing?
Owld Friend
Owlways And Forever
Owlways In My Heart

Pirates Of The Owl-A-Bee-An

Reading’s A Hoot

So Proud of You-hoooo!
So Tweet
Something From Owl Of Us
Sorry I’ve Been Owly Lately
Such A Hoot

Thank Who!
Thank Who? You!
Thanks For Owl You Do
Thanks For Owlways Being There!
Thinking of Hoo
This Is Who I Am
Trick Or Tweet

U R A Hoot

Warm Hooliday Wishes
What A Hoot!
What’s The Word Bird
Who Luvs You?
Who Misses You?
Who – Me?
Who Will Be Mine?
WhoWho’s Birthday?
Who’s 16?
Who’s Got A Birthday?
Whoo me?
Whoo Loves Owls?
Whoo’s Afraid Of Halloween!
Whoo’s Been Good?
Whoo’s Birthday Is It?
Whoo’s Cookin’
Whoo’s Graduated!
Whoo’s Special?
Whoo’s Thinking About You
Whooo’s At Your Door?
Whoooo Loves You?
Whoooo’s Retiring?
Whooooose Birthday?
Wise Owl Told Me
Wiser, Not Older
Wishing Owl Good Things

You Old Bird
Yoo Hoo!
You Hoo!
You’re A Hoot
You’re Owl Old?

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wishing you some fun with creating an owl on something. Owl they cute? What a Hoot! (Hey that rhymes!) :<)

Barbara Diane


Rhonda Miller said...

Your card is so great. I love the owls. Thanks for sharing all those greetings.

lakebrat said...

I just love the card Barbara! You certainly did put a lot of time in finding all those quotes. I'll be sure to refer back to this to use some. Thank you so much for doing all the hard work for the rest of us :)
Hope that your having a wonderful day!

Michelle said...

Your card is fabulous Barbara, and wow that is some list alright!

Michelle :-)

Love crafts forever said...

OMG! Barbara that is adorable card. I love how you used the punch, it's cute. And thank you for all that list, it's amazing. Hugs, Nataliya.

Barbara said...

What a lovely card! ♥ Barbara

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara!

Thank you so much for sharing your adorable owl card and for posting all these great "owl sayings".

I'm going crazy with my owl punch making cards for many occasions. "Owl" be thinking of you each time I use your owl list!!!

~ Rita

Silver Daisies said...

Owls are my favorite EVERYTHING. Absolutely love this post!

Sandra Shimizu said...

You are amazing, love the colors and the owls.

paola said...

Your card is great love what you have done with these three owls honey, thanks so much for all these sentiments, its something i ALWAYS have trouble with, even for birthdays, so any more you have keep them coming and thanks for sharing.

xosparklesxo said...

OK, I'm laughing so hard right now. I am a totally obsessive person. I will get fixated on something and then I am determined to do it perfectly or collect it all, or whatever the case may be. I also have a serious list making addiction, so seeing this today really made me smile... no wonder we're friends! *LOL*

Carol said...

Barbara, this owl card is amazing. We have some family pictures with the "Hear No Evil", "See No Evil", and "Say No Evil" symbols. I think this is just as sweet as can be. What an awesome job.

Bear Hugs,

Dorcas said...

OMGoodness Barbara! I just found this list when I did a google search for owl sayings...I can't believe all this!! ROFL!!

Hamida Mazumder said...

owl save your page

Sharon Dowdle said...

Thank you for sharing you're wonderful Owl Greeting Card sayings and other cute ideas! You are so very creative and generous!