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My Whimcees

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Cake Wrecks" - A Great Blog Experience


I wanted to tell you about this great blog "Cake Wrecks" that I discovered last week! It is about "When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong." I love it! You can find this site at I was given permission to link and also to show a few of the photos. Thank you John (hubby of Jen)! :<)

Yesterday I spent hours going back through the blog postings - which also include some clever video clips - believe me, it captures you to see more and more as you stare in amazement! :<) I could not get enough of seeing the unbelievably ugly and down right creepy cakes that were made for sale to the public and often the result of a special occasion order for an anniversary or a wedding! The poor bride! And she paid for it! Some of the specialty cakes, like those for a baby shower, will make you just shake your head in disbelief! :<)

This lamb is scary! :<)

And have you ever seen a gingerbread man decorated this way for Easter? Somehow, to me, Easter and gingerbread men do not compute in the first place!

I don't remember what these were supposed to be! Ninja turtles?

There are also photos of cakes that were beautifully done and absolute works of art. My favorite TV show Ace of Cakes even has some of their cakes showcased - like the Star Wars cake. :<) Look at wonderful cake!

What child wouldn't be thrilled to receive this cake!

Many of the cakes were not only strange in the design but had MANY mispelled words. Not good! WHO are they having make these cakes?!

A woman who was an American English teacher in South Korea wrote that she had such fun looking at the photos that she used them as an English test for her students. What fun! These South Korean kids caught 90% of the errors our English speaking bakery staff made!

Thanks for stopping by today! DO check out this site ! It is wonderfully funny - and all of the cakes are for real! :<) I try to look at the new postings every day! :<) LOVE it!

Wishing you laughs and joy today!

Barbara Diane

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Mary said...

How funny this is. Some of these cakes look like I made them. lol
As of posting on my blog, I am just so unmotivated these days and that is not a good sign for me. I suffered a major depression years ago and that is the way it started. Sooooooo I am going to make myself do something very soon! Thanks for asking.... I love my blog friends.