My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, April 1, 2011

Promise Of Spring


The sky was so blue, the air warm with a slight breeze, the buds on the trees - and the birds were flying EVERYWHERE! You cannot clearly see them in the tree but at one time there were about 20 birds flying back and forth from tree to ground to tree - cardinals, robins, finches, chickadees, sparrows, etc. All kinds of birds - and all SINGING! It was fantastic. It was a promise of Spring.

Today the forecast is for snow with rain. That's Wisconsin!

Thanks for stopping by today! Wishing you a great weekend!

Barbara Diane


Ann said...

So much for promises That is a pretty blue sky and it at least does say that spring is on it's way even if it's going to be a little late

Nannieflash said...

I sincerely hope that the day has turned out better than you expected, my camellia is in bloom, so we hope it doesnt get frost or snow at the moment. with hugs Shirleyxxxxx