My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Seen But Not Believed!


This was the sight that greeted me when I went out to start my car yesterday morning.

We have a small orchard area adjoining the parking lot and when I glanced over to admire the beautiful blooming trees I couldn't believe what I saw! One of the large flowering tees was laying sideways on the ground! There had been no heavy winds or thunderstorms so my first thought was that it was vandalism. I forgot going anywhere and immediately walked out to look at it more closely and saw that the inside of the trunk was all dry rot where it had split and the weight of the tree had taken it down. It was amazing that it had continued to bloom so completely and beautifully with no outside sign of any decay. So sad for words - so sad. The entire tree was in bloom and the flowers were so perfect and beautiful.

We are to have a 'heat wave' today here in this part of WI today - it is to get up to 84 degrees! This weather is so strange now - we go from 40 degrees to 84 - makes no sense. Wishing you a happy day where you are.

Barbara Diane


Krisha said...

Hi Barbara, how sad for the poor tree. I live around almond orchards and occassionally see this after the rain and wind. You did get lovely pictures of it's last bloom, so now it will live on through those pictures.

Rhonda Miller said...

That is sad. What a pretty tree. Our weather had been funny that way too.