My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Flower Wreath


I finally made something new for my apartment door. The little girl with her snow man had to go. :<) I used 4 different sets of colored patterns and reversed for the flowers - 2 sets of 8 different combinations. Took some time to punch out, assemble and create the wreath but it was well worth it as it is very colorful and Spring-like. So pretty!

It has been very rainy here in this part of WI for a few days but today is sunny and lovely weather! All the green grass and flowering trees and people working in their yards and gardens makes the long winter we had fade into the past! Jimbo loves it too! :<)

"Isn't this great?"

Wishing YOU a happy day!


Barbara Diane


Patty Bennett said...

Love your wreath!! It turned out amazing!!! :)

ike said...

Fabulous wreath - so colourful. It's a delight :-) Great to see Jimbo chillin' out in his window bed there :-D
It's very hot now in Greece and yesterday was muggy too and we had a bit of a storm last night. I think my poor garden breathed a sigh of relief when that rain came :-)
Back up to 29 degrees today :-(

IKE xxxxxxxxx