My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Sunday, May 29, 2016



A card for Jim using the digital image 'Buddy' from A Day for Daisies.

One of the staff at the group home where Jim lives recently lost her grandmother - but out of this sadness came joy. She had a little dog that now had no mom or home and he has found a new home and a proud dad with Jim. The dog's name is Freckles and they are quite the pair. Lucky dog - lucky Jim. Can't beat that combination! :<)

The real Jim and Freckles. :<)

We have had so much rain and humidity here in this part of WI - thunderstorms almost daily -  but today the sun is out and it is much cooler weather. I feel the breeze from the window as I write this and say 'Thank you God" - it is so nice!

Wishing you a lovely Sunday where you are.


Barbara Diane


Mrs A. said...

Two great pictures. Hugs Mrs A.

Rhonda Miller said...

I love your card. Looks like he's found a good friend. :)