My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blogger Awards Excitement!


I am so excited!

Yesterday I received these two awards from my new blogger friend Jackie. Thank you Jackie!What a lovely thing to do and I am so excited to receive these awards and send them on to 10 other new blogger friends!

To see Jackie's blog go to You will be glad that you did! :<)

This award is for aquaintance . . . . . .
and this one is for good luck and good fortune.

By the rules for both awards, I must:

1. Thank the fixed award.
2. Place in its blog reference to a blog person, fixed award.
3. Place in its blog logotype of the award.
4. Fix the awards to 10 bloggers.
5. Add the references to these 10 bloggers.
6. Send them the commentary about their awards.

I shall send these awards onto :

1. Patti at Creations by Patti

2. Mary at Primative Seasons

3. Helen at Let's Create

4. Mary at Mary's (More or Less)

5. Carol at Chocolate, Crafts & Bears

6. Gaby at Gaby's Ideenreich

7. Sandee at Simply Southern

8. Kellie at Magnolia Down Under Blog

9. Rhonda at Rhonda's Place to Share

10. Zebiline at Stampathy

Wishing all good things to each of you! I love your blogs!

Barbara Diane


Sandee said...

Thank you so so much for thinking of me! How fun this is! I will get these posted as soon as I have a few moments! Thank you so much!!!

Zebiline said...

Hi Barbara!
Thank you so much for the Awards! I am so happy about this.*smile* Next a quiet one allows delay...i send the Awards to my favorit Blogs.

God bless you!
Hugs Gaby *♥♥*¨¨*♥