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My Whimcees

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Polka Dot Turkey - Card and Paper Punch Character


The first paper punch turkey I created was made using one of my little sculpted polymer characters as as a model (an earlier September 8th post). This little turkey I made from what I remembered of a video I saw last year at this time and some notes I had written down on a scratch paper about how the person had made the wings of the turkey - which I thought was so creative.

It took some doing, but I found not only that video, but also the person's blog! :<) Her name is Lorita and you can find her blog and fun video at

So here is my second little turkey, standing alone and on a Thanksgiving card! I still love the way these wings are made, Lorita! :<)

To begin - using the SU scallop punch, large oval punch, small oval punch, 1/4" circle punch, 1/8" circle punch and a 8-petal flower punch (remove two petals from each flower amd save them for the 'gobbles') - cut all of the pieces shown below from CS and a DP. Then free-hand cut out the three triangles for a beak.

The body is made by folding each scallop circle in half and then glue them all together to form a ball - as when making an ornament. To make the tail, glue the smaller DP ovals to the larger CS ovals - then glue three of them to overlap and then back-to-back for each side of the tail.

For the head, glue two 1/2" circles together on a neck that is made using a SU word window punch. (Did you catch that I forgot to put those pieces in the layout above!?) :<) The two orange triangles are glued - one on each side - to the brown triangle to make a beak and inserted between the two head pieces. Glue the small black circles to the white circles for the eyes.

Those wonderful wings that I love, are made by first folding each half circle of CS in half and then each side is again folded in half to form a valley/mountain fold. Repeat with the DP half circles and then layer and glue the folded DP on top of the CS. Don't you just love them! :<) You now have all the pieces ready to assemble.

I forgot the 'gobbles' on my first turkeys - the one standing and the one on the card. Here you can see the the four petals that were removed from the flowers - these are layered to make the 'gobbles' for this turkey. They are so small that they went missing from the pieces photo!

This is how the wings are postitioned on the turkeys body - glue the two end pieces flat against the body with the mountain fold facing up. On the card, that turkey's wings fold so they lay flat for mailing and the body is made using only one scallop circle.

Here are the two finished standing turkeys - the first one without, the second one with 'the gobbles'. I also sponged brown ink on the edges of all the pieces of the first standing turkey and the one on the card. Whatever is your favorite technique! I hope that you enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by today!

P.S. I did not realize that Monday's "Mr. Kissy Face" posting had Friday's date! It really was posted on Monday morning!

Wishing you a great day!

Barbara Diane


helen said...

This is the cutest turkey I've ever seen. Thank you for the tutorial.

Jackie Thomas said...

You've done it again. How adorable are these turkey. I love them. Fantastic tutorial too. xo Jackie

Heidi Blankenship said...

Oh this little turkey is adorable!! Fantastic job on the tutorial! Thank you so much for visiting my blog yesterday and your wonderful comments! I couldn't help but to notice your last name, it was also my maiden name. ;-)

LORi said...

What an adorable turkey and a perfect craft for the kiddos to try for Thanksgiving!!!

Thanks Barbara!!!

Mary said...

Oh great job, I just love this little guy.

Lorita said...

Hi! Lorita here... Thanks so much for the compliments! Especially that you liked my turkey well enough to remember him a year later :) Love your take on him!
And I love your poly clay stuff too!! I've dabbled in it a bit myself but haven't done it in ages. Nice work all around! :)