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My Whimcees

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Update On Evan


In an earlier posting I wrote of Evan, a little boy who has autism. He had been mainstreamed into a regular first grade class and was going through the difficult time of trying to fit in with his peers. The class was having a contest that required the children to receive and collect cards from different states and countries and Evan's grandmother Froggy (love that name) had sent out a request for kind people to send cards to Evan to help him to win this contest. You can see my original post of January 21 for the details.

Today I was checking out the bloggers on my favorites list - starting with my followers - as I do each morning and I saw this update about Evan with a photo - is he not a handsome lad! - on Joani's Cards Made By Hand blog. I am passing it on to you as I know that many of you have sent cards to Evan to help him with his goal to win the contest and will be thrilled as I was to hear that he has received so many! :<) The following is from Joani's blog. Paula is Evan's mother.

Paula got an email from the teacher yesterday and she is just flabbergasted at how many cards Evan is getting. She is amazed at how well it is making the class accept Evan. She said each morning when the mail comes the kids all want to know how many cards Evan has gotten. She said that they may win two prizes. One for Evan having the most cards from the most places and one for the class as a whole having the most cards. So the teacher is so excited. She told Paula she never expected this and she is just so choked up every day when the mail comes. And she said that Evan just sits there proud as a peacock and says my Grandma Froggy has lots of friends and they all like me! So believe me it is making a difference and is working.

I am so grateful to everyone that is helping out. Some people are even sending two or three cards and using friends and relatives names. The whole school is talking about it. Paula said she goes in on Monday for a parent/teacher conference so she is going see the cards and then she can get an idea of how many so far and where they are coming from. She was in tears yesterday when she called me because she couldn't believe so many people would help her little boy out like this.Thanks, thanks, thanks and thanks again!!!!

Isn't that great! I love it! You go Evan! If you would like to help Evan and join in with the fun, there is still time to send a card. Send your post cards/cards to Evan Rupp c/o Mrs. Parvizi First Grade, Frederick Douglas Elementary School, 100 Cedarmeade Ave, Winchester, VA 22601. Mention on the cards that you are a friend of his Grandma Froggy. :<)

Thank you to all who have sent cards to this dear little boy! Your kindness in taking the time to do this is so appreciated! Wishing you a great day today! It is cold but the sun is out today in WI.

Barbara Diane


Rhonda Miller said...

Soo great. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog and for helping to spread the work of this little boy.

helen said...

Hi Barbara Diane,
I was just wondering about Evan and his contest. Thank you for posting the update on Evan.

Hope you are feeling better.

Jackie Thomas said...

What an amazing effort. I will make a card for him today and get it out as soon as possible. My heart goes out to this beautiful little man. I have a little boy who has aspergers (high functioning autism). As you know we have just moved states. Matthew went back to school two days ago and thankfully is doing well. He was quite happy to go off to school, me on the other hand wasn't quite as good. lol. I hope this finds you well Barbara. xo Jackie

Jackie Thomas said...

Hi Barbara, I have just made the card for Evan and have posted it on my blog along with all the information needed if anyone wants to joing in. I think this is a beautiful idea. Take care xo Jackie

Joani said...

Barbara Diane ~ thank you for posting the update on your blog. It's so nice to know that there are paper crafters out there who are kind enough to do this.

Thank you again for your "help" in getting the word out - and thanks for all your kind words!

Michelle said...

Hi Barbara

Oh wow what a wondefully sweet story. This post made me cry (good tears). My eldest son (6yrs old) has Aspergers Syndrome so I can relate.

I have been browsing through your blog this morning after your lovely vist to my blog. Thank you for your kind comments. Your work is outstanding, your are so incredibly talented. I look forward to seeing your future creations.

Kindest regards