My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Beast hits WI


We have been hit with a huge winter storm - as has so much of the country. This weather is insane – 33 states – 1/3 of our country was involved in some kind of severe weather – from blizzards to tornados!

Here in this part of WI a blizzard which they are calling 'The Beast" brought us 16 more inches of fresh snow after a heavy snow on Monday. Conditions last night were unbelievable. The National Guard was called out to help search for stranded cars. This morning on the news they said there were 130 cars stranded overnight in just our county. Twenty-eight fire stations were opened for shelters for the stranded. Hospital employees staying at the hospital overnight - even our university is closed. There was a state of emergency called and it was very scary looking to see nothing but white and blowing snow all around.

This morning everything is closed - schools, businesses. A blizzard warning is still in effect until noon and it will take until midnight tonight to clear all the roads. The wind is terrible and the drifts are high. When I went out this morning to take some photos and 'attempt' to clear off my car I could not get the back outside door to the apartment building open. I had to struggle to get it open enough to slip out as the snow drift against it was so high. When I did get outside I saw I could not 'clear off' the car as they were all closed in with huge drifts in between the cars. So I took some photos from the areas I could walk in and cleared off what snow I could reach on my car and came back in. The wind is whipping the snow around - we have a 1 mile visablity on the roads - and the temperature is frigid.

I will be back later with photos - the drifts are beautiful and look like waves from the wind. I need to have some coffee and breakfast and be ready to go back out when the parking lot is plowed to move my car so they can plow our spaces and then move it back. Our 'winter dance' so to speak and I am weary of it.

Be back later.

Barbara Diane


Nannieflash said...

Hi Barbara, Im so sorry to hear you are suffering so badly with the snow, I do hope that it starts to ease of and hopefully it wont be long before the weather warms up and it starts to melt. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

Zwergenwelt said...

Dear Barbara,
I´ve seen it on TV that the blizzard has hidden in the hardest way at all and so many states of the USA are involved in this bad situation!
I wish you all the best and hope that you must not go outside and you can stay at home!
I hope you have a warm and certain appartement!!!
I think at you, with best wishes, cornelia

Astridbears said...

Hi Barbara,
we saw at on TV for a minute, terrible. Please stay at home!