My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Storm They Called "The Beast" - This Morning


This morning when I went outside to clean off my car it was a struggle to open the door. The wind had caused a huge drift across the sidewalk and up against the door. I kept pushing on the door until I had it wedged open just enough for me to slip through and trudged through the snow to the corner of the building and this is what I saw to my left . . .

and this is what I saw in front of me . . . . my car (the dark blue one on the left). Big snow drifts -filled the spaces between the cars on both sides and also at the back of my car.

The passenger side . . .

the driver side . . .

and the back of the car.

In the front of my parking space the handicap parking sign was in deep snow. The sidewalks had disappeared under more snow drifts.

The patterns created by the wind looked like waves.

This is how deep the snow was at the front entrance to the apartment building. You can see where the snow plow had begun to clear the parking lot.

These are our angels - they keep us from being trapped by snow! All winter they are out there before dawn and keep us safe. Their work is very hard - you can see how this man is struggling to get a snowblower through this drift that has formed in front of the apartment building.

And beside him comes the snow plow - working together. The other man of the team is using another snowblower on the sidewalks.

After I took these photos and brushed off the snow that I could reach on the car, I went back inside to get warm and get some coffee and breakfast. When I returned it took me one hour and 45 minutes to get my car free from the snow drifts so I could move it.

After that, another tenant and I shoveled out the drifts around some of the other cars and put that snow into our empty spaces. I should have taken a photo of that - we created such large piles of snow in our empty spaces that then we had to laugh as we didn't know how we would get back over them to the building! :<)

Thanks for stopping by today!

We have sunshine! Wishing some for you also!

Barbara Diane


Ms. Jen said...

Oh my! It's amazing to read the individual stories after seeing so much on the news about this. And I was complaining yesterday because it was 25 degrees out brrrr. I surely hope you went back inside and left your car right where it was. You need to stay in and craft till it goes away!!

Stay warm and safe!

kay said...

Oh Wow!!! I feel for you, Barbara! Not only will you deal with the cold, you had to work hard to just get out. You are also such an angel for removing snow from your neighbor's cars! Thanks for sharing this story and pictures. It made me realize how comfortable I am in cold weather in our 50s and 60s here in South Cali. I will never complain how cold it is here again.