My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's WOYW Time!


It is Wednesday and I have not posted yet this week - I have been so busy working on this project! It was so time consuming to begin with and then a traumatic error when I thought I was finally done and had to un-do and re-do hours of work.

In a few short weeks my third great-grandchild will be born. Two little boys will have a new sister. This project was to create 30 invitations to a baby shower. I am mailing them out today so will post the photos of this journey when I know that they have arrived, so I won't spoil the surprise.

I just checked out Julia's blog and already so many posts of wonderful creations going on! So go to for all of the What's On Your Workdesk? entries! I wish I could visit them all - but I try to look at as many as I can!

We are going to have 78 degrees today in this part of WI - unbelievable for this time of year! We have had blizzards in April so we shall see what this Spring weather brings us! Wishing you sunshine today!

Barbara Diane


Elizabeth Allan said...

Enjoy those warm temperatures Barbara. When you are done send a few this way :0) Always love seeing your tidy and cozy art table! Congrats on your third great-grandchild!

Linda said...

I'm curious about your invitations. The onesie look so cute
hugs Linda

Katie said...

Oh no! Undoing then redoing all that work does not sound fun! I can't wait to see how the invites turned out!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh I just know these invitations are going to be so well received, cutest ever..I can tell just from the onesie shape that makes me say ahhhhh! And is that your desk AFTER you've done them? Gracious, you're so neat!

May said...

Lovely invites, so cute, your desk is so tidy, Have a good week, Hugs May x x x

scrappymo! said...

Can't wait to see those pretty little invites!
I envy you the warm weather...we had snow, sleet and hail followed by rain and yet more rain yesterday!.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Wow, 78 degrees! You are warmer than we are in California. What strange weather we've had everywhere. I just had a dash through your archives and joined as a follower. (You have a very cool, neat, and orderly craft space!)

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, looks like a cute project. I can't wait to see the finished product.
I can't believe how warm it's been here too.

Ann said...

I hate it when that happens. At least you caught it and was able to fix everything

Princess Judy Palmer said...

We had 78 today too, only in New Mexico it is sort of expected. I wouldn't doubt if one last winter storm stopped by to beat you up, isn't it kind of expected? The onsie cards are great looking.

debby4000 said...

Looking forward to seeing the end results.
Enjoy the spring weather.

Redanne said...

The invitations are going to be so sweet. Congrats on the impending birth of your great grand-daughter. Please send some warm weather over to us in the UK. Regards, Anne #47

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh wow Great Granny...a real labor of love and a great keepsake for that baby book too!

CraftygasheadZo said...

Wow that's warm! Those Baby shower cards look fab. Hey ho it's Friday but I'm still snooping the WOYWW desks & loving every minute of it! Take care Zo xx 33

Angie said...

Oh how wonderful a little girl to spoil and teach all about your creative passions!!! I know what you mean about weird weather, no snow in Maryland is odd. We usually get something! The birds and bees are busy now so Spring has totally sprung here!

Fuchsia said...

Wish it was 78 here fed up with winter now :0(
How many lamps do you have they look really good ?
Loving your idea for invites
thanks for passing by x

Duendes said...

Hello my friend,
happy Sunday!!