My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blog Candy at the Land Of Elves Blog!


My sweet friend Duendes at The Land Of Elves has a wonderful blog candy challenge to celebrate 2 years as a blogger! If you have visited her blog before you know of the awesome characters she has created who live in her land! If you have not, be sure to visit her today to see them and to learn of this great blog candy!

See this cute little elf? The doll is the blog candy! The challenge involves writing a short story featuring one of the elves who live there - and there are many to chose from, one as fun as the other! My favorite is Ferruccio - I have been in love with him since the first time I saw him! I love each new elf that appears in the forest, but my heart has always remained true to the red-headed, freckle-faced charmer! :<) The deadline is June 15th - check it out!

Thank you for stopping by today to visit my blog! We have thunderstorms forecast today for this part of WI - some may be severe - so I am enjoying the sunshine we have this morning, although it is warm at 84 degrees. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

Barbara Diane


Rhonda Miller said...

Thanks for sharing this. How fun.

Duendes said...

Hi Barbara,
oh you're so kind and I am touched by your words ....I'm looking forward to your story ok.Have a great weekend .
Here in Italy it's raining a lot and also had an earthquake ...many people lost their homes .... it is very sad.
hugs and blessings to you.