My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, May 3, 2012

WOYW Wednesday on Thursday


Well, I sure did get my days mixed up this week! So here is my photo that should have been posted yesterday - as What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday is supposed to be posted on Wednesday! :<) Had just finished the card I posted yesterday  that was supposed to be posted today and a new project I am still working on.

Almost forgot again! Go to Julia's blog at to see all of the great work spaces - it's not too late to see them! I think I am #180 - that's a lot of workdesks! :<)

Thank you for stopping by today to visit my blog! I love your wonderful comments and I am going to catch up on visiting each of you today! We have much warmer weather - it is 70 degrees already at 9:00 am here in this part of WI but severe storms on the way - and we have no basement in this apartment complex! Makes me crazy as I was born and raised in MN in the tornado belt so storms are not fun for me. I am fine with everything until the wind starts! I didn't know this about no basement until I had moved in and our city tornado sirens go off like 1 week after I moved in. I never thought to even think such a thing existed - an apartment complex without a basement? Wishing you a happy day today!

Barbara Diane


trisha too said...

I was late this week, too!!


Rhonda Miller said...

I can't wait to see what you're working on.

I think I'd be a little nervous without a basement too. Yikes.

Lisa Jane said...

ooh am intrigued .. and i just wish i could be as tidy as you
Lisa x

Queen Of Toys said...

Oh you poor thing having to live through that it must be horrible. Go and hassle a neighbor I am sure they will be happy for you to join them, anyway a great way to get to know them. Such a tidy desk too.

Thanks for sharing.
Eliza #19

Hazel said...

Hope the storms aren't too bad. What a tidy workspace - thanks for sharing - Hazel WOYWW #10 x

Neesie said...

You gave me a giggle with getting your days mixed up...don't we all at times?
Now that's a clean desk and you're cards are so cute.
I'm a little late visiting too but thanks for letting me take a peek ;D
Have a wonderful weekend Neesie #22

Neesie said...

I meant to ask would you mind if I copied your God Bless my online friends logo?
It's so cute ;D

Duendes said...

is always a pleasure to stroll through your blog and appreciate your creations!!
have a weekend blessed with lots of smiles,

Twiglet said...

Bit late getting round a few desks this week. Sounds hot where you are - dull and damp here. Your table seems so well organised. x Jo


very beautiful your creations!!

Anonymous said...

I was inadvertently late, because I posted this week's link to last week's link list and didn't realize it until today! Good grief! Happy WOYWW -- I like the images you're working on. ~ Laura #183

Miriam said...

Ooh, look forward to seeing what you are working on.