My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Monday, June 18, 2012

Picking Cherries - Making Compote


There are two cherry trees in the orchard area next to our apartment building and this year they are absolutely loaded with fruit! I have never seen so many cherries on them. Jim was visiting this weekend and he and I picked the cherries on late Friday afternoon and then again with our friend Jerry (he is 98 years young!) on Saturday. The cherries are too tart to eat from the tree so I decided to make something from them to share with others at the apartment who are unable to go out to pick the fruit.

I made a cherry/lemon compote and when we went to the grocery store to get the sugar and lemon jello I purchased some cute little canning jars to put it in. Because it needs to be kept in the refrigerator and also because someone may not know what a compote is - it's more like a thick sauce then a jam or jelly - I made the tags. A dozen little jars of compote were delivered yesterday and I hope everyone likes it. Jim said "I could eat that whole bowl full!" but as he is a diabetic that couldn't happen -  but it made me feel good! 

Thank you for visiting my blog today! Wishing you a sweet Monday!

Barbara Diane


Linda said...

What a lot of fruit in that trees and how sweet of you to make that cherry/lemon compote, it looks very delicious
hugs Linda

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow i bet its delicious and what a thoughtful idea to make some for the other resident
Lisa x

Rhonda Miller said...

I love fresh cherries. Your compote looks yummy, I'm sure your neighbors will love it.