My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unintentional But Card Reflects Life


It wasn't intentional, but today it occurred to me that my card reflects my life. Me against the County, the system, Social Security, etc. Having a child with disabilities is a never-ending battle, especially when one is a single parent. One that is difficult to keep track of, to battle and in the end it is too large. After more than 35 years of it I am worn out but there seems to be no end in sight. The current battle has left me feeling so defeated and without power and it has only just begun. If you want to see chaos, right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, power games and arrogance in action - with no concern for the client's rights or suffering - these are the places to go.

I'm so weary and it's overwhelming! :<)

I was going to enter this card in the Mo Manning challenge - where the theme is "Anything Goes w/ Mo Image" this week. BUT I ALREADY DID! I fear my poor brain is fried. For some fun go to to check out the wonderful inspiration from the Designer Team's ideas to more than 75 entries! There are still 23+ hours to enter! Wishing you a happy day today with your families!

Barbara Diane


Mrs A. said...

Barbara, let me give you a big virtual hug. So sorry life is getting you down just now. Your card is so lively and colourful.Love the sheep doing his balancing act. hugs and more hugs Mrs A.

Duendes said...

Hello my friend,
this is adorable card...
How fabulous Barbara. The stamped image is gorgeous and beautifully coloured...i loved your work.
hugs and blessings.

Rhonda Miller said...

I can relate. It's ridiculous and exhausting what you have to get help for those who really need it.

I love your card. TFS.

Linda said...

Hi Barbara
Your card is very beautiful,don't give up girl, I give you a hug
hugs Linda

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh Barbara...sorry to read of your fight. I have been helping a friend with her mentally ill son and the dealings with the mental health offices and law/legal community, so I somewhat understand your frustrations! Hang in there girl! Hugs. Your Mo creation is awesome!

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Barbara---I am so sorry you are having a difficult time. Thoughts and prayers that some ONE will take note and step in to intercede in the issues you're battling. My favorite line (and it works-whether I do it or"Gee, since we can't resolve this, I will have my attorney get in touch with you..." Key word in there gets their attention every. single. time. Feel free to give it at try! In the meantime, know that God knows and don't give up (someone once told me you don't want to quit 5 minutes before the miracle)! I finally found the right physician...after at least a 5 year search! ; ) Blessings, Sharon