My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, August 16, 2013

She Is Martha, The Mother of the Bride

The story starts on my August 12 post.


Meet Martha, the Mother of the Bride - in all her finished glory. This sweet little doll waited from her beginning on June 24, 2010 until her completion now in August of 2013. It was a long wait but her patience and sweet nature brought her through and she is beautiful. The name she chose fits her perfectly and she is every inch the mother of the bride.

Her finishing touches were her earrings and her hat . . . .

Her purse . . . .

And her shoes (she requested comfort for her corns over style, although I did add a little bling).


Martha's wedding ring - which has been on her finger since her own wedding 35 years ago. She can only hope for her daughter that she has also found her true love.

Thank you for stopping by today to visit my blog! Thank you again to all who left such king comments about the little doll. They are the inspiration to create more. Wishing you a happy weekend! 


Barbara Diane


ike said...

ACK !!!! Absolutely BRILLIANT - she's gorgeous. Do you know she looks a bit like the Queen of England :-D ?!!!
This is an fabulous creation and I am in awe of your skills :-D
Thanks for showing her to us. :-)

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

shirley gaskin said...

Barbara this doll is fabulous.

Mrs A. said...

Barbara she is Engaging A true work of art. Your story woven around her is so delightful. Her name suits her so well too. How tall is she BTW? Hugs Mrs a.

Krisha said...

OMG!! She turned out just FABULOUS!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER!

Sande said...

Martha is just sweet.

Did you create her from a purchased pattern or design the pattern yourself?

I love making dolls and their clothing and she looks sweet to transform into many character's.

Sharon Mitchell said...

I enjoyed reading your progress with this lovely quirky doll by Jill Maas! Loved her in her undies!You made a great job of her! Well done and thanks for sharing!

valita said...

WOW !!! now that's some amazing talent!!!!! they look brilliant! :)

Mary said...

I love Martha, and such a sensible lady to wear such comfy shoes. Very nice Barbara, you brought her to life, and gave her a personality that is easily imagined.

Sande said...

<---@Sharon Mitchell

Thanks for answering my question and jogging my often forgetful memory. I knew she looked familiar.

I have this pattern but haven't played with her for some time. I kept looking at her and thinking I saw her before.

I love her and have created her in different characters other than Mother of the Bride. Though her in the states, she would be Mother of Groom as she is dressed in blue. But I think that tradition has fallen by the wayside in the last years.

Duendes said...

Hi Barbara,
I love stories with happy endings.This is an wonderful and I am in awe of your competence...I love Martha.Elegant ,charming i love all your details.Surely she is very happy and wish you two days of many smiles an confidences...
big hugs .

Di said...

Oh wow and double wow! I just hopped here from Mrs A's blog, curious to see what doll you'd answered a questions about. And WHAT a doll indeed - she's fabulous, and 'terribly like our Queen' :)

LOVE your blog and am now following you.

Hugs, Di xx (I'm lucky enough to have Mrs A as a real life friend for outings and play days after meeting through blogland - she's every bit as lovely as you'd imagine too)

Darnell J Knauss said...

Martha is a dream as the mother of the bride, Barbara! She has come to life with your amazing skills and your fans thank you!! Your attention to every detail shows. What's next?!

debby4000 said...

WOW she is amazing.