My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What's That Noise?


Well, after the little doll had her features and hair it was time to give her a 'shape' - and as she was to be a woman of 'mature age' I made these adjustments accordingly. Then it was time for some underwear. When we were finished and she was wearing her new bra and underwear she was very happy. HOW happy I didn't know!

In the middle of the night something woke me. I heard some muffled noises coming from the living room. What in the world could that be! I could see a faint light coming into the hallway, so I got out of bed and peeked around the corner to see where it was coming from. The lights were on over my studio workdesk - and there she was. 

I thought to myself, what is she doing? Somehow she had positioned the small mirror that I had left on the table so she could see herself and she was admiring her new shape and/or underwear! 

She looked so happy and she had waited so long to be a real doll and be able to stand and move her arms - and now she even had a shape! I didn't want to embarrass her, so I quietly went back to bed.

Thank you for coming to visit my blog today! Tomorrow the little doll gets her clothes and her name. Wishing you a great day! It is sunny here in this part of WI - but very chilly this morning! I can sense Fall in the air - too soon, I say - too soon!


Barbara Diane


Carole said...

What a fun story and an amazing doll.Very patient waiting to become such a character. Will you name her?

Mrs A. said...

Brilliant Barbara. So nice to see you back in blog land my friend. Hugs Mrs a.

Annie said...

Oh Barbara.........this post made me laugh so..........just typical of us when we get some new undies !!! I really love your doll..........maybe she will have some new shoes tomorrow !!

TFS and crafty hugs

Annie x

ike said...

hahahaha LoL - this is sooooo funny - made me smile after reading some sad news elsewhere on WOYWW. :-D This little creation is just wonderful :-)

IKE xx

valita said...

Love it! and i love seeing peoples work spaces :) well done!

Duendes said...

is charming with its lingerie ...
I loveeeeeeeeeee.