My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Time For WOYW Wednesday and Something New!


Where did another week go! I am not doing very well as a blogger with only one post a week! Now that it is Wednesday again it is time for What's On Your Workdesk? If you are not familiar with what that is - or even if you are - go to the Stamping Ground blog at and see what Julia and many, many other bloggers are creating at their workdesks. Then join in and share your own creations by adding your post link and leaving a comment for Julia!

I have something new added to my studio area - a new drawing board and magnifier/light! I was a portrait artist for many years but had stopped as I other things took priority. I always felt the empty space but eventually gave away my table, my magnifier/light died, my supplies became old, etc. and because I thought this a thing of the past because of my poor eyesight, illness, downsizing, etc. 

But this past year the desire to do this again has been strong and when I saw this drawing board in a store this past month when shopping with a friend, it hit me so hard with memories that it brought me to tears. Very unexpected and a surprise to me when trying to explain to my dear friend Anna who was with me at the time. She gifted me with the table and supplies that day as my Christmas present, then she ordered a table cover and I cut it to fit and now the light was just delivered yesterday. The feeling of familiarity and rightness of it all when I sit at my new art table and work now is filled with memories. Anna believes in me and I hope that I can do this again. God Bless you Anna.

My apartment is very small and now with the drawing board there is even less room, so my Christmas decorations are minimal. But one decoration that always goes on display - no matter where I have to sit it - is my little village. Years ago when I had my dolls/teddybears and miniatures shop my brother assembled these for me from individual kits and this is one of my most precious belongings. I love them. This year because I now also have my cat Jimbo I couldn't put them in the window as he has his fleece pads in the living room and the bedroom windows and spends many daytime and even nighttime hours in them. So I was afraid that for the first time I didn't even have room for my village, much less a tree! 

Well, I was determined and after looking around me and thinking, thinking, I found a place to set them up. Between my kitchenette and living room there is a window and I moved my phone and boom box and tapes that usually sit in the window to the kitchen side and there I had it! I put a white board up behind it for the photos because other wise you could see the kitchen appliances, etc. behind and it was too confusing and took away from the beauty of the village. I love my village - every year I say a silent thank you Richard, as I do my happy dance while setting it up!

That funny fellow Jimbo is watching me type - he's sitting on the bed. He gets in the strangest positions and I will turn around and see him and ask him what are you doing buggy bear? (I call him buggy bear and/or buddy bear like I used to call my boys when they were young. Don't know why or where it came from but there it is.) He will look at me like he is minding his business and don't I think I should so the same? and I will laugh and take a photo. :<)

Thank you for visiting my blog today! We have warmer weather here in this part of WI for the past few days so it is nice. Of course by warmer I mean a high of 29 so I guess it depends on what winter is like where you live. :<) Wishing you a good Thursday!


Barbara Diane


Mrs A. said...

What a good friend you have there and what a lovely Christmas present. Have fun reacquainting yourself with your past activity. Hugs Mrs A.

Rhonda Miller said...

What a wonderful Christmas present. I'm glad you were able to find somewhere for your Christmas Village. I love it.