My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, February 27, 2015

Even Winter Looks Better With A Little Snow!


It has been SO cold in this part of WI this winter - this morning it was 4 degrees. The only saving grace is that it is almost March - and although we have had blizzards in April, the frigid weather with -24 windchill temperatures will be over! My friend Anna lives in Grand Marais, MN so she has also been struggling with the same kind of weather - I made this card for her.

This little guy is one of Sassy Cheryl's sweet snowmen. The name of this digital image is "Snowman Winter Fun" and you can find it at I love her snowmen - they are my favorite of her many wonderful images! I have added Stickles "snow" to the letters and the snowman to give it a bit of happy glitter. I love glitter - a good friend used to call me the "Glitter Queen" because of my mind set that there was never a time not good for glitter! 

Thank you for visiting my blog today! I have been busy all morning trying to catch up with my return visits and the list is much smaller. So now, some lunch and then back to the computer to finish this today before I get even more behinder! :<) Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane


Ann Thompson said...

That is a really cute card. I have a soft spot for snowmen but I can't stand snow. It's been a brutal winter here with all the snow and really low temperatures. We've had as low as -24 and that was the temperature without the wind chill.

trisha too said...

How cute is that? We're due for some snow here tomorrow, but nothing like some people have had this year.

Super snowman, Barbara Diane!


Krisha said...

What an adorable winter card Diane!!

Late in getting return visits made this's just been one of THOSE weeks...LOL
Thanks for the earlier visit and the comment.
Krisha #1

Duendes said...

Hi dear Barbara,
your cards are pure joy...Love each.
big hugs.

Rhonda Miller said...

This is such a cute card.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Your snowman is so colorful and he looks so happy to be encased in lots and lots of glitter, Barbara Diane! Your friend will treasure this! Hang in there; spring IS coming! Hugs, Darnell

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I think the only time glitter doesn't work is if you are doing a workshop. No matter how you warn people someone will smear their glitter before it is dried. This is a sweet card. I want to apologize for the horrible weather you are having... you know, even though it isn't my fault. That weather is not fit for humans. I'm tellin' ya!