My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Base of the Halloween House


With the house pretty much done except for some trim on the dormers that I wasn't quite sure of yet, it was time to cover the base of the house. I used the same white patterned paper that I had used for the trim on the roof to balance out the patterns. 

After the base was covered, I wanted to add a bit of color - and using the two pattered papers that I had used for the windows, I made strips to go around the bottom of the house and also out from the two front corners.

Then I decided to add another layer of trim to the base using the green patterned paper I had used under the eaves with the polka dots to add more balance . . . . .

And I painted a fence.

My buddy Jimbo always has to be where I am and when I am working at my workdesk his favorite place to get comfortable is the table behind where I sit. That this is where I cut my papers does not seem to bother him in the least bit. When I need to use the cutter or choose some paper from the stack I am using for the project, he looks at me like "Excuse me, did you want something?" And then it is a stare down as to who will get their way. 

It was very dark and gloomy earlier this morning in this part of WI but now the sun is out and making all he colored leaves look beautiful! It is to be warmer weather again for a few days. Wishing you a sunshine day where you are!


Barbara Diane

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