My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, November 27, 2015

First Snowman Card of Winter 2015


My first card this winter using a snowman image. All of our first snowfall is now gone due to a couple of days of rain - but I am sure there is more on the way! This is a Mo Manning image called 'Snowman' and you can find it at

Of course I had to add a little Stickles bling.

While I was working on this card I noticed that Jimbo was very intently watching something on the ceiling. I thought that perhaps it was a shadow, as the morning sun was shining in the window. 

But he kept sitting there a long time and was very focused on something. 

Then he moved to the window and continued watching something in this same spot. I had my close work glasses on and could not see anything but then was concerned maybe it was a spider or some such thing and I don't like spiders! 

At this point Jimbo looked at me like 'don't you see what I see?' and so I got up from my work table to see what it was . . . .

and here it is - a tiny little ladybug! No wonder I couldn't see anything! Good eyesight, Jimbo!

Thank you for visiting my blog today! We still have lots of rain - I am hoping it does not turn into more snow! Wishing you a happy day.


Barbara Diane


Lizzie said...

Hello from WOYWW! I've been here before, but not for a while...
I like the snowman - he is a posh snowman, with two parts to his body - he looks very good, all coloured in and glittered. I like Stickles too - especially the Diamond Stickles, because you can put it on anything and it doesn't spoil the colour, just adds sparkle.
Jimbo is a super lovely cat and I admire his sharp eyesight. So much for the theory on that tv programme about cats, that they can't see so well in the daylight... obviously his vision is very sharp! He's also very gorgeous. We have a lovely long-haired puss, named Tommy. He's beautiful and black and has Norwegian Forest Cat in his ancestry, which makes him very woolly at this time of year He has a short "under coat" and a long, fluffy top coat. Even his paws are woolly between the toes! He's very special and we love him to bits!

Have a good weekend,

Lizzie #49

Mrs A. said...

I love your Mo Manning snowman. hugs Mrs a.

Duendes said...

Hi Barbara,
Jimbo is wonderful and also your card.Have a beautiful week ok.
big hugs.