My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, November 12, 2015

WOYW? Wednesday and Our First Frost


Today is Wednesday and time for What's On Your Workdesk? I am so late posting, but at least it's still Wednesday! We had our first frost here in this part of WI. I looked out my bedroom window when I raised the blinds and saw this - FROST on the cars! Even early in the morning it was a very sunny day so it really showed up on the cars.

I had to see it up close for myself to I put on my shoes, grabbed my camera and went out the back door of the apartment building to take a photo of my car in the parking lot.

It was frost alright - and a thick layer on all of the windows (I had to check it out!) and the  top and back of the car. Our first frost! Can winter weather and snow be arriving next!

I didn't forget my workdesk! Below is a sneak peak at what I have been working on all week. It is totally different from anything I have worked on for many years and was so much fun. I will be posting photos tomorrow. Go to to check out the Stamping Ground blog to see what so many are creating on their workdesks - Christmas projects beginning to show up on many! Be sure to share your own creations!

Thank you for visiting my blog today! Wishing you sunshine and good weather!


Barbara Diae

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Rhonda Miller said...

It has been getting cold. We actually had a little snow just a couple days ago. It's mostly melted, but still cold. I hope you're keeping warm. I can't wait to see the picks of what you're working on.