My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Needle Felted Jimbo


I remember when my Jimbo was just a little guy - he was only weeks when we got him - he is 2 1/2 years old now. He was only 4 pounds then - he is 15 pounds now. His size has changed, but some other things about him have not.

He always loved to lay on his back when sleeping - no concern then for how much space he took up because he was so small. He would just get comfortable, stretch out and go to sleep.

But now it is not as easy to get that comfortable.

The bed still works . . . . .

but some other areas not so much.

I recently ordered a needle felted miniature of Jimbo from Bay Colony Designs on Etsy - I sent different photos of him so the artist could see what he looked like. Judy Johnson is the artist and her work is perfection. She chose the photo above to model the miniature. Below are her photos of the finished tiny Jimbo.

Here he is in my hand. I am going to order another soon in a smaller size to fit in my miniature display room. I guess I didn't pay attention to the size listed and so although I love this one it is too large for the dollhouse size room I wanted to put it in. But I love it - isn't her work wonderful?

And here he is now - still taking it easy, no matter how difficult fitting in the space can be.

Wishing you a great day today! It is a bit cooler here today in this part of WI - high of 73 today - but summer is most definitely here.


Barbara Diane

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Dortesjs said...

awww sooo cute, what a darling you have, and so relaxed he look ;O))