My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, June 9, 2016



As fussy cutting is my passion, I wanted to create a poster card that was a complex design that would involve lots of different patterned papers to fill it and lots of tiny pieces to fussy cut. I found it all in the digital image of Mo Manning's called "Neighbors" (to get this great image for yourself, go to and it was great fun! It took forever to do, but I enjoyed every minute of cutting, gluing, layering and then adding glitter. It was to be for my son Jim and he loves glitter as much as I do!

So here are the many patterned papers all printed with the image and ready to cut.

First I cut out the house images.

Glued them to the main image which was printed on white cardstock.

Then it was time to start cutting out the roofs, stairs and all the decorative pieces.

You can see here how tiny many of these pieces are. In this photo I am cutting the very small blocks that are on the side of the blue house. All pieces are also edged in black marker.

I always keep the pieces I've cut from on a scrap paper that is off to the side. I cannot tell you how frustrating and so time consuming it is to try to find a piece that you need after it has been thrown into the waste basket! And it happened all the time until I finally used my head.

When it was all glued together I then colored the background with a marker. I made wavy lines to create some texture to it which I felt would show off the many patterned papers of the houses.

Then the final step was to add the glitter. I almost kept it for myself, but sent to Jim as promised. 

We have seveer weather on the way here in this part of WI today. It is now very dark and humid and some light rain but there is the yellow gray that isn't good. It is to be in the 90's tomorrow and Saturday - a few nights ago it was down to 47 degrees. Our weather is so strange now.

Wishing you a good day where you are!


Barbara Diane


Rhonda Miller said...

I love this. I don't know how you have the patience to cut out all those tiny pieces, but the results are fabulous. I hope you're getting some relief from the heat.

Mrs A. said...

Gosh Barbara, some of those pieces really are tiny. You must have great patience cutting them all out. The finished houses are superb. Hugs Mrs A.

Dortesjs said...

stunning just stunning

Tracy Barcus said...

Simply ah-mazing! I had a long time just coloring this, your fussy cutting is phenomenal!