My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jim's Pot Holder Wall Hanging

Jim's pot holder wall hanging is now together! I have used all the pot holders that Jim has completed. He wants to keep adding on to it until it is big enough to cover his bed - that's his goal - so we shall see where this project takes us! :<} At this point my fingers are sore right through my finger nails! The loom he was using was made of plastic and the corner broke off, so he could not continue making any this week. I found a metal one on eBay and Dick & Bonnie bought it for me on auction. Jim was very excited to hear about it and tomorrow when he comes to visit I will give it to him. I hope it works for him and I bet he will have many more pot holders for me by the end of the week! :<) Thank you Dick and Bonnie for helping me to get this for him!

1 comment:

Fayette said...

I love this idea and would hang it from some antique kitchen utensil! Was it a bear to sew them together? Wouldn't it be awfully heavy for a bed spread? Jim wouldn't be able to move his toes!!!
Have a great weekend.....Fayette