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My Whimcees

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flower Magnet Tutorial


For those who asked - this is how I made the flower refigerator magnets. :<)

My friend Jamie's 3 grandchildren are beautiful - you saw them yesteday - but none more so than the oldest, Ellie. With her red hair, gorgeous fair skin and shy, ladylike personality - this child shines! So who better to use as the child in this tutorial. :<)

Remove the covering on the adhesive on the rim of the treat cup and adhere it to the area the photo that you want to show in the middle of the flower. Punch two scalloped circles - one larger than the other - and then punch a 1 1/2" circle in the center of each.

Trim the photo around the treat cup.

Apply Snail adhesive to the backs of the circles and layer the circles over the treat cup.

Punch another large circle to cover the back and tie a small bow.

Apply Snail adhesive on the back of the large circle and glue to the back of the flower frme. Add the bow to the center front under the photo.

I love detail, so I created a flower for the center of the bow by cutting out 5 small circles from the lighter pattern print DP and glued them behind and between the 5 petals of a flower punched from the darker pattern DP and then added 1 more small circle to the center.

Glue a flat square magnet to the back and it is complete! A lovely flower frame now circles a lovely little girl's photo. This one is for me! :<)

Thanks for stopping by today!

It has been sunshine and windy weather here in WI. Thunderstorms later today, hope they are not severe.

Barbara Diane


Michelle said...

Thank you for this wonderful tutorial! What a sweet idea.

Helen said...

Hello Barbara,
You never ease to amaze me! I'd have never guessed that you used treat cup. I bought the treat cups and they are sitting some where. Thanks for the wonderful idea and the tutorial.

Creations by Patti said...

Love what you did with the sweet treat cups! They may be in the new caty (I hope!) - best deal in town @ $2.95/10!!! hugs, P