My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Day In The Life . . . Of A House Mouse


I love the little House Mouse stamps! They are all so cute! This card took me a suprisingly long time to make but when it was finished I was very happy!

The little guy on the left is telling one of the big guys a secret, while his friend - who probably knows what it is about - stands by, patiently awaiting the wise advice. But see the one standing behind them - supposedly 'invisable' - trying to hear what is being said? The tiny one up being tossed in the air is feeling pure joy and has no worries as his bigger friend is waiting to catch him, while their friend looks on anxiously - not so sure. The two in the bottom left are deep in conversation - probably planning a food run!

You can see all of the wonderful little mice at

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Hope this day in your life is happy!

Barbara Diane


xosparklesxo said...

Stinkin' adorable! What great detail and such cute little mice :)

Stampin with Jan said...

I love the the inside, it is Beautiful! I love the colors. TFS

Rhonda Miller said...

Oh my goodness, this card is fabulous. I love the paper, and those mice are so darn cute. TFS.

Gaby said...

Hi Barbara,

this card is really adorable. So many details.
You've put so much work into that one, but it was absolutely worth it.


duendes said...

Dear friend, I love coming here, makes me much good. Happy weekend.

heather said...

Another amazing creation ! I love all of your work, thank you for sharing =)