My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Doll's Garden Is Completed

The background and first two chapters of this story "A Love Story - Little Doll and Fat Cat" began on the July 21st posting.


We left Lady G and Little Doll anxiously waiting for me to finish cutting and trimming the flowers and sorting them by size and color so that I could begin to add and then glue them to the green painted base of Little Doll's garden. Some of the pink blossoms had already been added to the far end of the base so that Little Doll and Lady G could see how they looked. "It looks so pretty" said Little Doll, "I can't wait for you to start to add the rest of the flowers!" she said to me. "How much longer do you think it will be before you are ready?" asked Lady G.

"I'm ready to start gluing the flowers now." I said. Which ones should I add next?" "What do you think, Lady G?" asked Little Doll, "Maybe some of the taller red flowers - to give it a little height?" "That sounds like a very good idea" said Lady G, "we could use some height in that same far corner I think." So I added some of the taller red flowers to the far corner with the pink blossoms. "How does it look?" I asked, "Is this the effect you are looking for?" "Yes!" said Lady G. "It is starting to look so wonderful!" "Oh, Yes!" said Little Doll, "this is so exciting!"

I continued to add both the pink and red flowers until the design suited both Lady G and Little Doll. There were many, many changes of placement and color combinations and quite a few 'remove and replace' requests from them both, but finally it was finished. "It's done!" I said happily. Both Lady G and Little Doll sat quietly looking at the completed garden. Red bird and dove didn't make one hop or one twitter. They all sat that way for the longest time.

After a few moments of this quiet I was getting very nervous and when I could not wait any longer for a response I asked "Do you like it ladies? Is this what you wanted the garden to look like? Is there something not quite right that you would like me to fix?" "Oh, no" said Little Doll, "there is nothing wrong. It is perfect." "It looks just like I imagined it would." said Lady G, "We just are so happy that we can't think of what to say. There are no words - and for that to happen is quite an unusual occurrence." And at that, they both started to laugh and red bird and dove started to do their hopping and twittering and we were all so happy! The garden was complete - and we thought it beautiful!

"Well, Little Doll" I said, "it is time for you to try it out. You now have your very own garden filled with lovely red and pink flowers and it even has a small garden seat so that you can sit in the very middle of all this beauty, to enjoy." As I placed Little Doll on her garden seat in her own special garden - made just for her - she said quietly "Thank you. You have made my dream come true." "You are very welcome" I said, "I am so pleased that you like it." "I love it." she said. "What do you think?" she asked Lady G. "You look like a princess sitting there!" said Lady G. And she did.

That evening, after all the excitement of the day, Lady G and Little Doll sat quietly with red bird and dove on the edge of the work table, remembering the day and all that had taken place in the creation of her garden. "It has been a wonderful day" said Little Doll, "One I will always remember. Thank you for all of your help Lady G, you are a good and kind friend and I will never forget you. I will be excited to go back to my real home, as after all of this traveling I am feeling a bit weary, but I will miss you." "I will miss you also" said Lady G, "I have never had another small person friend before and it has been so much fun having you here."

"Hey ladies!" I said, "Little Doll has another 6 weeks here with us before she has to leave to return to her home! You have lots of time yet to spend together and I have a new project planned that I think you will both enjoy! "What is it!" asked Lady G. "Yes! What is it? Will I get to help?" asked Little Doll. "It is a secret until tomorow" I said, "and yes, you can help me Little Doll. Now that I know you are such a neat worker, you may help me if you think that you would like to do that." "I do!" said Little Doll, "This has been such a wonderful day!" And so the two friends sat quietly, so happy to be together and looking forward to a new day!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Tomorrow Fat Cat comes into the picture - and the love story begins.

Wishing you a productive day today!

Barbara Diane


Creations by Patti said...


I am completely amazed at the dolls and what life you bring to them.......and then to have auch a great garden to play in, too. Is there a movie in the making about them? They are ever so fabulous and so fantastic.......can't wait to see more.......hugs!

May you have a wonderful day!

LN said...

C'est adorable : bravo !

Love crafts forever said...

Ah Barbara, what a gorgeous project. It's absolutely amazing what you doing. Hugs, Nataliya.

Rhonda Miller said...

What a lovely garden. Little Doll looks so lovely sitting in it. I'm enjoying your story.

Mari@ said...

Barbara I would like to give you an award. If you like it, please get it in my blog. You can give this award to others blog or not. Like you want. "Baci"

Helen said...

This is absolutely beautiful! Love the last picture you took of the dolls.

Kathy Czygan said...

I love your stories Barbara! You make your little dolls come to life! The garden is beautiful! Little Doll looks so sweet sitting amongst the flowers! Thanks for sharing your love for crafting. Blessings to you
Kathy Czygan

Michelle said...

Wonderful Barbara, what a lovely garden. I am really enjoying your story and I looking forward to meeting the cat.