My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The New Project Gets A Name

The background and first two chapters of this story "A Love Story - Little Doll and Fat Cat" began on the July 21st posting.


When the body of the large cat was sewn together and set upon the feet, Lady Doll was in awe at his size. "This is the fattest cat I have ever seen!" said Little Doll. "He IS very round!" said Lady G as she looked back and forth between Little Doll and the cat body. "And you look very small next to him." "Well, I AM very small" said Little Doll, "but next to him I look even smaller!" "If you would help me to sit on top of this fat cat" she said to me, "then you can see how small I look!" So I set her on top of the cat body and she did in fact look so very small! "I love this cat!" said Little Doll, "His size makes me feel so safe somehow. He is a lovely fat cat."

"That he is" I said to Little Doll, "so if you would like to return to sit on the bench with Lady G, you two can visit while I get to work on the rest of the sewing so we can see how this fat cat of ours will look when he is all put together!" "That's a good idea," said Lady G "if you come and sit with me we will be out of the way. This is all so fascinating to watch!" As I placed Little Doll back on the bench next to Lady G, she said "I think we should name him Fat Cat - it fits him so perfectly! What do you think, Lady G?" "That sounds absolutely right" said Lady G. "Fat Cat would be a perfect name for him!" "Well then" I said, "Fat Cat it is" I think that Andrew will love that name for his cat!" So I continued with my work while Lady G and Little Doll visited and watched me work and slowly the different pieces were sewed and turned right side out. One by one I lay them beside each other on the table in front of Lady G and Little Doll for them to see the progress.

Soon all of the pieces were sewn together. The head pieces, the tail pieces, the "arm" pieces, the ear pieces. All of them sewn and turned right side out. "Now they are ready to be stuffed" I said, "and then I can begin to sew them all to the body to make our Fat Cat complete." "I want to see them up close" said Little Doll, "would that be alright if we could pick them up to see how they are sewn together?" "Certainly" I said as I set them both by the finished work. "Oh my" said Lady G, "there are so many pieces! I guess the pattern instructions show you how to sew them to the body?" "I hope so!" said Little Doll. "I would not like to see Fat Cat with his arms on the wrong way or his tail on backwards!" "Oh Little Doll" said Lady G, "you are so funny!" "Don't worry" I said. "It will all come together in time."

"But now it is time for you to help me!" I said to Little Doll. "Do you see this piece by the head? The one that looks like two circles next to each other with a bump on top?" "Yes! I see it!" said Little Doll! "Well, the two circles are the cheeks of the face and the small bump on top is the nose" I told her. "You can paint the nose. How does that sound?" "Oh that would be such fun!" said Little Doll. "And you know from when I painted the base of my garden that lovely green color that I am a very neat worker!" Lady G and I shared a glance and a smile. "Yes you are" I said, "and I know that you will paint this little nose very neatly! I have put a bit of stuffing in this piece to make it easier to paint on as it is now solid and flat. You will have to paint very carefully and take your time as the lines have to be very straight where the nose meets the cheeks." "I will be very careful!" said Little Doll. "What color will we use?" she asked me.

"What color do you think, Lady G? Should his nose be red or pink or orange - or perhaps a black nose would look right on Fat Cat?" "No, not black" said Lady G, "nor red, nor orange. I think that pink would be perfect with his coloring, don't you?" "I love it!" said Little Doll. "For such a large Fat Cat, a small pink nose would indeed be perfect!" "I have a lovely pink color of paint in my supplies" I said, "and I also have a small paint brush that would be just the right size for you to use to paint with Little Doll. I will get them for you and then I will help you get started!"

So I took the paint and the paint brush from my supplies and brought them to Little Doll. I lay the cheek and nose piece on her lap and put the brush in her hand. "How does that feel?" I asked her, "Is the brush too large for you to handle?" "It is just the right size to paint the small nose." said Little Doll "It is even smaller than the brush I used for the garden base so I will be able to draw very neat lines with it!" "That's what we want." I said, "So take you time and paint this area at the top of the cheeks and Fat Cat will have a pink nose!" "Do be careful Little Doll!" said Lady G. "I will!" said Little Doll. And she started to paint. "How does it look?" she asked when she was finished. Red bird came to sit on her shoulder and Lady G and I came closer to look.

"It looks wonderful!" said Lady G. "Perfect!" I said. "Thank you" said Little Doll, "I tried to be very careful and well, you know that I am a very neat worker." At that, we all laughed and red bird did his twitter and hop! Fat Cat now had his nose!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Tomorrow Fat Cat comes together! Wishing you a good day!

Barbara Diane


Rhonda Miller said...

How fun. Little Doll does look tiny next to the cat. I can't wait to see more.

heather said...

I've enjoyed reading the dolls' adventures and looking at all of your beautiful creations. I'm looking forward to seeing - reading - more. Thank you for sharing !

Michelle said...

Fat Cat is coming together so wonderfully.

LINDA said...

Love the darling little doll cant wait to see the cat done..
Your so talented.. I cant even sew a straight line..LOL..
Hugs, Linda