My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Perfect For Photography

What's that in the lower left corner? It's my second addition to my studio - and I love it!


One of the things that has been most frustrating for me about a small studio area is the problem of taking photographs of my finished work for my blog. In the past it was always necessary to set up and then take down again the area each and every time I wanted to take photos of my cards/projects - so that I would again have a work space. Until now!

This is the SU Color Catcher (121093 $5.95) which is sold to protect your work area when spraying, etc. a card or project. I covered the back and bottom with white CS and it is perfect for taking my photographs! It is compact in size and can be moved easily. When placed under bright lighting it is exactly what I want and no more setting up and taking down each time I want to take photographs. When opened it measures 10" by 10" by 10" and if need be I can also cover the sides in white CS and it will easily accomodate most of the larger cards and projects I create.

I hope this might be something that can be used by those of you who have the same space problem. I have sent this to SU as an idea to share as I have not seen it used in this manner on any other of the blogs I look at. I know that it works for me - and I love it!

Thanks for stopping by today!

We FINALLY have a real break from the horrible heat and humidity today here in this part of WI. The fresh air and breeze coming in the window feels fantastic! No expensive AC running today and it is the first time in weeks that my corner studio area is pleasant to work in! Wishing you a creative day!

Barbara Diane


Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, I think I need one of those. I always have to use my couch with some cs on it. Lol. TFS.

candi said...

What a great idea! I am always looking for a beter way to photograph my cards! Brilliant!