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My Whimcees

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Final Response To Questionnaire - Question #9

A huge thank you and a big hug to my blogger friends Carol, Valita, Carla, Linda, Anne, Emily, Heaney, Zlatina, Lisa, Neha, Helen, Diane, Duendes, Dorcas, Rhonda, Paola, Kimberly, Jill, Megha, Maggie and Jamie for taking the time to respond to the questionnaire!


Today's responses are to the final question of the Questionnaire - #9:

Do You Leave A Comment Each Time You Visit A Blog?

I will leave comments on pages that wow me or if they have visited my blog. I leave comments on several entries in the same challenges I enter. I try to word my comments with some interest and not just the normal short reply, but that can be time consuming.

Yes, most of the time.

Not each time (internet connection is slow). However, every time I see something inspiring or a creations that I love I will always comment on it.

I am not leaving a comment every time I visit a blog because I follow over 250 blogs so that takes a lot of time. But I try to comment as often as I can. Maybe when everybody has no word identification on their blogs, I will comment more because then it’s easier to leave a comment.

Mostly, not always.

Hmmm – I try. Especially if the post is about something that really inspires me or catches my eye. It’s like peeking into someone’s house without letting them know you are there, quite rude IMHO. BUT if the site is covered with ads or things they are selling, then I feel it’s really a store and I don’t always acknowledge each visit. Same as when I walk into a brick and motar store. If I find nothing to buy, I don’t usually run over to the clerk and tell them they are doing a great job, KWIM. If I stop to watch a video or follow a tutorial I always let the blogger know I did and thank them.

No, only occasionally as I read blogs from Google Reader.

Always if I have the opportunity.

No, in fact I seldom do. (sorry)

No, not each time.

Most of the time I did leave a comment when I visited a blog.

Only when I think “WOW” with something I have seen.

Yes, I think it is very important for the owner of the blog to know of my friendship and the affection I feel for her and her work.


Most of the time. Sometimes, when I’m rushed, I’ll look ad run, but I try to come back later.

Sad to admit that because of time constraints I don’t always leave comments, however I like to try as I think this is what keeps people posting.

I don’t always because of time constraints, but I do let them know when I really like something.

Not each time. I leave comments if a project really stands out to me. I follow over 50 blogs (managed through Google Reader) and comment only when something touches me.

Yes, sometimes when they ask.

I usually try to, unless it is something I really hate.

Not always, because I visit so many blogs. However, if I’m really inspired or just really impressed with something I definitely leave a comment.

So ends the Blog Candy Questionnaire. Thank you again to all of you who took the time to respond - your input was wonderful and I was happy to be able to share it with everyone! We have LOTS of snow here in this part of WI - snow falling all day and I just now cleaned off my car and moved it for the last time today! Wishing you a happy weekend!

Barbara Diane

We have no heat in the apartment BUILDING – all 3 floors. This should be an interesting day. I have my birds in the bathroom where there is a small electric heater – I have been ill with a cough and sore throat so this is not too good for me either. Management just put in a new furnace this summer – guess it doesn’t work. The temperature here this morning is -6 degrees. The high for today is to be 23 degrees – think we will get down to that inside? People started calling at 5:00 am and it is now 8:30 and no one here yet.


Linda said...

Thanks for share the answers. I wish we had snow to, I love it, but we have only rain, rain and rain
hugs Linda

Rhonda Miller said...

Thanks for sharing all the answers to the questions. It was fun to participate.
I hope you get your heat back soon.

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh my...stay warm!

Ann said...

oh my, temperatures that low and no heat. I do hope they have gotten it fixed by now.

Duendes said...

Hello Barbara,
was really interesting to know the opinion of other friends ...I wish you a lovely Sunday.hugs.